Without a doubt, one of the most oppressive and degenerate states in the world, China, now

has mobile execution vans to keep up with demand for harvested organs. Is this really a

country we should be trading with? 


Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants

According to The Next Magazine, during a banquet hosted by a Taiwanese

businessman, a servant Ms Liu from Liaoning province on the mainland inadvertently

revealed the habit of eating infants/fetuses in Liaoning province and her intention to

return for the supplement due to health concerns. The Taiwanese women present

were horrified.


Ms Liu also disclosed that even though people can afford the human parts there are

still waiting lists and those with the right connections get the "highest quality" human

parts, which translates to the more mature fetuses. A male fetus is considered the

"prime" human part.


At the The Next Magazine's request, Ms Liu personally escorted the reporter to a

location where a fetus was being prepared. The reporter observed a woman chopping

up a male fetus and making soup from the placenta. During the process, the woman

even tried to comfort everyone by saying, "Don't be afraid, this is just the flesh of a

higher animal."  

Man Brutally Tortured To Death in Jilin Prison [China] -Oct 24/2007

China's Execution Buses

Sky News | October 10 2006

Sky News has obtained chilling new evidence of mobile execution buses

being used by the Chinese government. It comes less than two years before

China hosts the next Olympic Games.



China Admits Selling Prisoners' Organs

The Blotter Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For the first time, the Chinese government has admitted selling the organs of executed prisoners

for profit, a gruesome business it had denied for years.



Chinese Regime Admits To Organ Harvesting From Prisoners

Epoch Times | January 23, 2007 - Xiao Han

This interview was conducted by BBC senior reporter Hua Ying. An Epoch Times journalist also

did an interview with Dr. Wang Wenyi, who protested at the White House during communist regime

leader Hu Jintao's visit to the United States on April 20, 2006 regarding the BBC's interview.


The Chinese regime has had a long history of harvesting organs from executed prisoners, and an

equally long history of denying this practice. In November of 2005, the regime's Deputy Minister of

Ministry of Public Health, Huang Jiefu, admitted to using organs taken from executed prisoners, at

an international conference in Manila.



Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint - July 5/2007


Three Christians in China Secretly Executed


Chinese Officials Still Killing Falun Gong for Organs, Report Says


Human Rights Attorney Taken Away by Chinese Police

China's Hu vows to "purify" Internet

China jails writer for six years - March 2007


China's Big Brother: World's Biggest ID Database - April 12/07

In a modest 200-square meters enclosure, the National Citizen Identity Information

Center (NCIIC) in Beijing hosts the world's biggest ID database, with over 1.3 billion entries.



Pro-Torture, Pro-Tyranny Media Rebukes Brave Falun Gong Protester
Woman who told mass murdering dictator Hu "your days are numbered"

grabbed and arrested by secret service


Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | April 21 2006

The courageous and awe-inspiring actions of the Falun Gong member who warned China's imperial festering slug dictator Hu Jintao that his "day's were numbered" were met with a reaction that foretells the collapse of America into the exact same style of tyrannical despotism mastered by the absolute rulers of China.

Wang Wenyi, a reporter for The Epoch Times, admonished President Bush to stop Hu from persecuting the Falun Gong and after a couple of minutes was grabbed by secret service agents who are now trying to charge her with intimidating a foreign official.

A foreign official who rules over a Communist jackboot society in which any dissent is crushed by the iron fist of the state.

After listening to talk radio in the hours after the incident, we were sickened to hear radio hosts and callers attacking the demonstrator for daring to interrupt President Bush, claiming that it sent the wrong message to China in that the US was not able to manage geopolitical events smoothly.

They were actually insinuating that it was an American virtue to silence free speech and dissent and that the demonstrator made the country look weak to the visiting Chinese despots.

This was echoed by news anchors across the nation. Watch the video and notice how the CNN presenters express relief when the secret service finally grabs and drags her away.

The Drudge Report picked up stories about how not only Chinese TV but also CNN International had tried to censor the protester.

"On China TV: As Hu was speaking when yells of protesters became audible, the screen went black. When the feed came back the screen once again went black when woman was again heard. During CNN International's post-speech commentary, at mention of south lawn heckler, the screen also went black again. The CNN feed returned when the incident ended."

Derek Mitchell, a former Pentagon advisor told the Associated Press that the spectacle was an embarrassment because China, "must know that this Bush administration is good at controlling crowds for themselves, and the fact that they couldn't control this is going to play to their worse fears and suspicions about the United States, into mistrust about American intentions toward China."

The only embarrassment is Mitchell - he is an embarrassment to what it means to be an American. How dare this boot-licking pond scum piece of trash equate the image of America with crowd control and the wholesale abolition of free speech? The Bush administration's taste for staged-managed public town hall meetings and "free-speech zones" would sit perfectly with the Chinese dictatorship as shining examples of how to create the false perception that dissent is only confined to the fringes of society.

If the Bush administration was really devoted to encouraging freedom around the world then why is it cosying up to and making apologies for the most mechanized and tyrannical police state on planet earth?

US officials involved in Hu's visit were quoted by Reuters expressing their anger that it took more than two minutes to grab Wenyi and worried about how it would reflect on Hu's team of traveling bottom feeding power prostitutes.

The reaction from Bush was to be expected. His apology was not offered to Falun Gong or the millions of other persecuted and tortured for his failure to demand answers from Hu, but to Hu himself for the unfortunate embarrassment it caused.

Are we surprised that a President who has presided over a global torture policy and declared himself to be above the law finds common ground with a sniveling disgusting puss filled worm in the shape of Hu Jintao?

A recent report by Sky News, in which a journalist secretly filmed interviews with Chinese dissidents and peasants, revealed that the Chinese government had enacted a brutal policy of enforced displacement. The Government and its contractors are seizing people's land and homes and building their own developments on it, forcing the population into living lives of poverty and squalor.

No notification, no legal procedure, no just compensation, the bulldozers and men with machine guns turn up, the inhabitants are dragged out onto the street and the home is demolished.

In countryside areas, the sadistic PLA swoops in on farmers and forcibly ejects them from their own land while communities, showing more backbone than the average American jellyfish, fight and claw back with shovels and farm tools in the face of a highly trained military death squad armed to the teeth with high powered assault weapons.

Massacres on the scale of Tiananmen Square routinely take place with barely a whimper of interest from the western media or governments.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Chinese government is diagnosing anyone who speaks out as having “political monomania,” abducting them and taking them to psychiatric hospitals as part of the notorious Ankang system. There they are subject to re-education brainwashing, forced medication, torture and electric shock therapy.

But these are the lucky ones. Concentration camps like the one at Sujiatun are filled with entire families of peaceful Falun Gong practitioners or even mild dissenters. Vomit inducing organ harvesting procedures are performed on live subjects and their remains cremated to hide the evidence.

The forte of the Chinese dictatorship has always been iron fist totalitarianism spanning back to the days of Mao when people who owned any substantial amount of property were abducted and tortured to death.

Mao's reign of terror claimed the lives of at least 50 million people and yet today the image of Mao in the west has been made into a cuddly caricature of cultural sophistication, with restaurants opening in both the US and UK glorifying a stereotype of mass murder, starvation and dehumanization.

Last year the London Guardian reported that Chinese cosmetics companies are using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe.

Stories of organ harvesting from political prisoners and Falun Gong members are widespread and confirmed by multiple mainstream sources, including this week the esteemed British Transplantation Society, yet the state department, even contradicting it's own reports, suggested that it is an "urban myth."

China also still has a policy of public execution for dissidents. The country has flirted with mobile execution vans as it shifts away from the communist system's traditional bullet in the head, towards a more "civilized" use of lethal injection.

The issues of forced sterilization and forced abortion have also recently resurfaced in the Communist country. Despite withdrawing some funds for these policies, the Bush administration still bankrolls UNESCO projects which have had direct links to forced abortions and sterilizations.

American corporations like Google and Yahoo follow the orders of their Chinese masters, aiding the creation of the most entrenched system of censorship ever witnessed and reporting pro-freedom activists to the authorities who are later arrested and tortured.

Alex Jones stated plainly that the events we saw unfold yesterday at Bush and Hu's public address illustrate nothing less than the fact that we are living in a dictatorship.

"Worship of unbridled power leads to tyranny. Tyranny to slavery and slavery to unimagined human degradation, humiliation and genocide. To watch my fellow countrymen make excuses for the unarguably most evil and longest lasting despotism, the Communist Chinese, causes me to realize that America for all intents and purposes is gone," said Jones.

"Our elite is wedded to the corrupt elite of China and they're waging war against free humans everywhere. To see decadent westerners making excuses for Bush and China is the height of folly but we must understand that the average American associates themselves with the power structure and doesn't realize that their life their liberty their destiny is cheaper than dirt to the infinitely corrupt New World Order."

"Our civilization is run and controlled by degenerate sadistic psychopathic control freak filth. Killing is their business and business is good."

"They're killing America."


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Handicapped Chinese Pastor Jailed for Printing Bibles

Pastor Wang Zaiqin receives a two-year sentence for printing Bibles and other Christian literature

China Aid Association | October 24 2006

Giving away Bibles for free is a crime in China, according to a verdict recently handed down in the case of a House Church leader.

Pastor Wang Zaiqing, a prominent Chinese House Church leader in Anhui Province was sentenced on Oct. 9 to two years in prison on the charge of "Illegal Business Practices," and fined 100,000 Yuan ($12,500.00). In addition, all the books in his home, and the funds used to print them, were confiscated.

Pastor Wang was crippled at the age of 5. He became a Christian in 1993, and later became very well-known House Church for preaching and starting House Churches in several provinces around Anhui Province.

Full article HERE


Chinese Regime to Use Military to Suppress Protesters

Wang Zhen
Epoch Times
Monday, November 20, 2006

As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promotes the "harmonious society" on the one hand, it intensifies its use of force to suppress protestors on the other hand. Recently, Beijing announced the Preliminary Proposal to implement the Military to Manage Emergency Situation plan, which authorizes the military to support the suppression of group protests.



China involved in harvesting organs: Cdn. report

CTV | July 5 2006

A Canadian report, set for release Thursday, will support accusations that China is harvesting the vital organs of imprisoned Falun Gong dissidents, CTV News has learned.

Siding with critics of the Chinese government, former Liberal MP David Kilgour is now convinced that controversial allegations of organ harvesting are true.

"They take both kidneys, then the heart and the skin and the corneas and the liver, and your body is then thrown in the incinerator," Kilgour said.

Falun Gong, a quasi-religious movement that's outlawed in China, claims thousands of their imprisoned members have been murdered with their vital organs taken out to supply a booming trade in transplants.

Backed by MPs from all parties, Kilgour and human rights lawyer David Matas agreed to investigate the allegations in May.

"I don't think anyone can have any doubt that this unbelievable practice is continuing," Kilgour said of his findings.

As evidence, the former MP points to transcripts of phone calls to Chinese doctors, with Falun Gong supporters posing as rich foreigners looking for a transplant.

One transcript reads:

"Do you have Falun Gong organ suppliers?"

"We used to have, yes."

"What about now?"


Kilgour outlined how much the organs can fetch on the black market.

"$62,000 for a kidney, $98,000 to $130,000 for a liver," he said.

The Chinese deny the allegations, insisting that Kilgour has been duped by Falun Gong.

"These allegations are based on lies," Chinese diplomat Zhang Weidong said.

The UN and Amnesty International are also investigating but neither has come up with enough solid evidence to reach the same conclusion as Kilgour.

"Right now, it's insufficient (the evidence) for us to confirm or deny these allegations," said Amnesty International's Alain Roy.

At the launch of the investigation last May, Matas said the plan was to "interview personally whatever witnesses are available in North America," and to ask the Chinese government to grant Kilgour and him visas so that they could investigate in China.

It is unclear if they actually visited China as their initial request did not garner a response by the Chinese embassy.

Kilgour and Matas plan to hand their report to the government on Thursday along with recommendations for diplomatic pressure and sanctions on China.


Organ sales 'thriving' in China

Chinese officials say the prisoners volunteer to donate their organs

One hospital said it could provide a liver at a cost of £50,000 ($94,400), with the chief surgeon confirming an executed prisoner could be the donor.


Video: BBC hidden cam shows China selling prisoners' organs

Raw Story | September 28 2006


An undercover investigation by BBC News finds that China has a flourishing trade of organs from executed prisoners. China is becoming the destination of choice for rich foreigners in need of organ transplants. One hospital said it could provide a liver for about $100,000.

China has more executions than any other country in the world. Officials told undercover reporters that executions increase prior to national holidays, so many organs are available around those times.

The above video report features hidden camera footage of organs being sold in China.



China Defends Proposed Law to Fine Media

AP/GILLIAN WONG | July 4 2006

BEIJING (AP) - China defended a proposed law that would fine media reporting on riots and disasters without official approval, saying Monday it wants to encourage responsible journalism - not punish independent reporting.

Wang Yongqing, vice-minister of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, said the law would likely also apply to foreign news organizations.

Chinese journalists have criticized the proposed law. It comes amid a government campaign to tighten controls on media, which have tested officials' tolerance by reporting on corruption and protests.

News outlets that report emergencies without authorization or issue fraudulent reports would be fined up to $12,500 under the draft law being considered by Parliament.

Wang told a news conference fines would only be imposed if reports caused "grave consequences to society" and claimed the law was not meant to deter independent reporting.

The law is meant "to prevent certain news media from disseminating groundless news or rumors, or reporting false information which may mislead the public and cause unnecessary social panic," he said.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists urged China last week not to pass the law, saying it was the communist government's attempt to restrict reporting by China's increasing market-driven press.

China's media, all state-owned, have been given wider editorial discretion in recent years in hopes of making them commercially competitive and reducing the need for state subsidies.

Some Chinese newspapers have published editorials expressing concern over possible abuses by officials wanting to hide problems.

The official Xinhua News Agency has said the legislation defines emergencies as industrial accidents, natural disasters and health and public security crises.

The proposed law has raised concerns over journalists' right to report on matters of public interest.

"The term 'grave consequences on society' is vague and it is up to the local government to interpret it," said Zhan Jiang, director of the department of mass media at the China Youth University for Political Sciences. "In addition, the draft lets the local government control the source of the information."

Wang said the media rules are a small part of a bill meant to promote accountability and transparency in local government. Under the proposal, local officials could be fired for trying to conceal an emergency.

The law would "force the government to give timely and accurate information" on how a disaster is being handled, Wang said.



China Restricts Internet Cafe Access


Associated Press | July 3 2006

BEIJING -- China has launched a campaign to enforce curfews at Internet cafes before schools let students out on summer vacation, a news report said Monday.

The focus of the weeklong crackdown, launched Saturday, "is to prevent the entry of kids under the age of 18," said a Culture Ministry official quoted by the China Daily newspaper.

It said violators could face penalties ranging from being shut down for 15 days to losing their license to operate.

Internet cafes are required to limit the hours that underage customers can spend online and only allow in a few minors at a time.

China has the world's second-biggest population of Internet users after the United States, with 110 million people online, but tries to regulate what Web surfers can see online.

Rules on children in Internet cafes were imposed after Chinese officials warned that students were spending too much time playing online games and were getting access to violent and obscene material.

Summer vacation for most Chinese schools begins in mid-July.


China Forms a New Team to Regulate Internet Blogs

Li Jianjun / Epoch Times | October 26 2006

The Ministry of Information Industry recently committed itself to a new mission in public censorship. It has charged the Internet Society of China with the task of establishing a team to study the administration of Internet blogs, according to a report by 21st Century Economy News published on Thursday.

The team consists of representatives from thirteen major websites and five other experts on law and I.T. in China. Last week the team held a discussion on the potential regulation of blogs whereby users would be forced to register with their real names. The discussion also covered the issues of the real-name registration, bloggers rights and obligations, the registration of personal information, and the potential problems of real-name registration. They concluded with a potential timetable for carrying out the regulations.



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