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RCMP needlessly shut off traffic to bridge - even to life-saving ambulance service!

THE SURREY LEADER - 29 Sept., 2004        
By Julia Caranci - Regional Reporter
A pseudo-superhero managed to single-handedly close one of the busiest bridges in the Lower Mainland for several hours last weekend.
Robin - also known as Hal Legere - donned safety ropes, a harness and a mask at 4 a.m. Saturday and climbed to the top of the Pattullo Bridge, which spans the Fraser River, linking Surrey and New Westminster.
Legere said it was still dark when he made the climb - he had a short nap at the top while waiting for daylight.
The masked crusader then unfurled a banner. Two supporters, Batman and Spiderman, waved signs in support of Legere while standing on a pedestrian overpass below.
Legere and his sidekicks took part in the unusual protest as members of the Canadian branch of Fathers 4 Justice, an organization founded in Britain that, according to its website, pledges to mount a "non-violent direct action campaign for the basic human right of children to enjoy an equal relationship with both parents after divorce or separation."
Police were notified of the protest at 6:30 a.m. and quickly moved in, closing down both sides of the bridge.
Legere said he chose the Pattullo because it is a busy crossing - he hoped to reach as many people as possible, and was disappointed police closed the bridge.
"That was their decision, not mine," he said. "There were no safety issues here. We're not into people getting hurt."
Legere told a negotiator who scaled a fire ladder to reach him that he would remain atop the bridge all weekend. However, he eventually agreed to come down at about 11:30 a.m.
Surrey RCMP Const. Marc Searle said his members were duty-bound to place themselves at risk to aid Legere, and anything could have happened.

["anything could have happened" SAY WHAT!!!

Is this a thinly veiled police threat against Mr. Legere's life, OR is it a confession of police incompetence in dealing with a peaceful protestor who they were readily and immediately  aware was safely harnessed to an inspection walkway?]

"Nobility of cause does not obscure social responsibility," Searle said, adding the closure of the bridge was a frustration for drivers and could have severely hampered the progress of emergency vehicles.

[SO WHY DID THE POLICE DO SO, THEN? At the absolute most, the police would have had to block two of the four lanes, and safely direct traffic over the bridge as they are [presumably] trained to do when, for example, accidents occur on bridges or other traffic arteries.]

The action also tied up police, fire and coast guard personnel for the entire morning.

[WHAAAA! In the meantime, police and government tie up TENS OF THOUSANDS of families [the heart and core of our nation] and their resources for YEARS in kangaroo courts, without lawful justification or authority.

For example, the "For the Sake of the Children"  [house/senate] report on reforms to the family law system has been consistently delayed by the Federal "government" since 1998; that is a SIX YEAR 'tie up'.

Does the RCMP "leadership" view the temporary delay of weekend traffic [which they unilaterally perpetrated on the public THEMSELVES] for a few hours as a "public safety matter", but see no issue in the systemic abuse of 50 thousand children every year in Canada?

The fact of the matter is, the Police see no problem in ROUTINELY tying up and delaying traffic for ALL MANNER of causes that they presumably judge as "socially responsible", but which are mostly motivated by a thirst to plunder cash from the public, yet now claim motives don't matter (?).]

A charge of mischief has been recommended to Crown counsel.

[So are the police going to charge themselves for needlessly closing the ENTIRE bridge; calling on the coast guard; and pulling away a handful of officers from writing up speeding tickets or finishing their coffee, given the fact that the evidence [which we just read] does NOT support their decision to do ANY of those things, save perhaps for directing traffic past one small section of a bridge?]

Legere said his actions were necessary to focus attention on the issue of fathers' rights.

[Or more specifically, the fundamental RIGHT of ALL people to exercise their RIGHT of liberty and freedom from illegitimate [UNLAWFUL] government aggression. Which we now see the RCMP wholeheartedly supports.]
After separating from his wife in 1998, Legere said it took $140,000 in legal fees (on both sides) and four years to work out a satisfactory custody arrangement for his children.
He wants legislation passed in B.C. that allows for shared custody by both parents, provided they are fit, and in the absence of another agreement.

"This is going to continue and it's going to grow. This is just the beginning."
Source www.surreyleader.com

See how "Federal Government" is acting well beyond any legitimate authority it might claim to form a federal government, and how we were fooled into excepting them as having any authority or consent to govern us. This is an illegitimate pirate government junta, with an illegitimate military puppet police Gestapo enforcing their Roman Club rules and regulations on a FREE people. WAKE UP!

Will Canada welcome superhero's battle for justice?

Man Dressed As Super Hero Scales Bridge

September 25, 2004

He emerged from the mist around six this morning determined to draw attention to the issue of child access. So, wearing a costume any kid would appreciate, the middle-aged man dressed as Boy Wonder Robin, as in Batman and Robin, dropped a banner and refused to budge.

The result was a backlog of traffic in both directions. Anyone wanting to take the Pattullo was out of luck.

That included cyclists who, like the media, were kept so far away from the scene, they couldn't even read the banner, and didn't know until we told them what the protest was all about.

A similar stunt was pulled at Buckingham Palace just two weeks ago when a man wearing a Batman outfit snuck past security and scaled a wall. He also belonged to Fathers For Justice, a group bent on using non-violent civil disobedience in order to make its point.

Robin, who tied up traffic, police, fire and the coast guard, couldn't be talked down. Finally, after several cigarettes and hours of conversation with a negotiator, a compromise was struck.

Police would load the media into a paddy wagon and deposit them close enough to get the pictures that would get Robin's point across. It seemed like the solution both sides had been seeking. But that lasted all of five minutes, because according to Robin, the cameras weren't
close enough.

But police refused to give in to his further demands.

The media was once again corralled and taken away while police moved in on the masked man, taking him into custody.

Five hours after the road block went up, the bridge was re-opened. And with Robin under arrest, a spokesperson for Fathers For Justice was left to defend the decision to inconvenience so many people.

[Speaking of "inconvenience": The "government" of Canada alienates more than 50,000 children from their parents [overwhelmingly Fathers] every year, through biased family law legislation.

In December of 1998, a joint Senate/House committee recommended some two dozen reforms to "Family Law" that would have given children greater access to BOTH parents. The Liberals are "still studying the reforms".]



RCMP set up 'speed check' on same bridge as F4J protest - pregnant woman dies.

Police release name of woman who died fleeing speed check

Global Broadcast News, Thursday, January 06, 2005

Surrey RCMP have released the name of a 30-year-old pregnant woman who was killed in a car crash after she fled a police speed check Wednesday.

The unborn baby of Angela Cairns also died in the collision near the Patullo Bridge [which is where police had set up their "speed check].

Police say Cairns had initially stopped for an officer checking speeds, but then suddenly drove away before crashing head-on into a tree.



Fast grown into militant force.

Tue 14 September, 2004

LONDON (Reuters) - Fathers 4 Justice, the campaign group at the centre of the latest royal security scare, has fast grown into militant force in the two years since it was founded.

The group is fighting for a change in the law to include a presumption of equality between divorcing parents.

It says the role of the father in children's lives must be recognised and valued, and that family courts must penalise parents who flout court orders allowing visiting rights.

It has at least 10,000 members in the UK who feel they have insufficient access to their children and says that number is rising every day. It has affiliated groups in the Netherlands, Australia and Canada and plans to start up in the United States in October.

Following are some of the most high-profile protests the group has staged:

Dec 2002 - Dozens of protesters dressed as Santa Claus occupy the department of the Lord Chancellor, the head of the judiciary, for 45 minutes.

Feb 2003 - Campaigners dressed as Elvis Presley present an inflatable heart to the head of the family courts division.

Oct 2004 - Campaigner dressed as Spiderman barricades himself into a crane over Tower Bridge. His protest gridlocked traffic for miles around.

May 2004 - Protesters who had gained access to parliament's public gallery hurl condoms filled with purple flour at Prime Minister Tony Blair while he is speaking.

July 2004 - Twelve protesters dressed as vicars and nuns storm a service in York Minster.

Sept 2004 - Campaigner dressed as Batman scales a wall at Buckingham Palace and stages a five-hour balcony protest.

Surrey Mayor wants harsh treatment for fathers who fight for right to see their children.


29 Sept., 2004 'Boy Wonder' shuts down bridge
By Tom Zytaruk

The Surrey RCMP and New Westminster police are no superheroes for closing the Pattullo Bridge on Saturday morning, says a man who dressed up as Robin and perched on the bridge for nearly five hours to protest what he believes is court bias in child custody cases.

Hal Legere - a.k.a. the Boy Wonder - was arrested after climbing onto the girders high above the bridge deck at about 4 a.m. Saturday and unfurling a large banner supporting Fathers4Justice.

"A charge of mischief will be recommended to Crown counsel," Surrey RCMP Sgt. Dave Attfield said.

The traffic congestion that resulted enraged even Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum.

"He's just seeking publicity," said McCallum, adding that "thousands" of motorists were inconvenienced by the stunt. "He should get treated as harsh as the courts can."

But Legere doesn't agree.

"The police, in order to establish the justification to charge me with something because of the political aspects of what I was doing, blocked the bridge," he said.

But Surrey RCMP Const. Marc Searle said police had to close the bridge  because they couldn't tell what Legere planned to do.

"Safety is paramount," he said. "You always approach this with an abundance of caution."

Fathers4Justice has been staging protests in the UK for some time now, "campaigning for children's rights to see both parents." But the group is
new to Canada and the U.S. Some members dress up as comic book superheroes and stage zany public protests against what they perceive to be
unnecessarily adversarial court systems that are biased against dads in child custody cases.

Legere, 48, is a New Westminster steam engineer who shares custody of his three sons with his ex-wife, following court battles he says cost about $150,000 since the couple separated in 1998.

Asked why he dressed as Robin, Legere, Fathers4Justice co-ordinator for B.C., said "the whole idea that it came from is fathers are superheroes to their children."

He said he was prepared to stay up on the bridge - with his 10 foot by four foot banner - all weekend, until police told him to get down.

Legere said he showed police his safety harness and WCB-approved safety
lanyards, and suggested that they should move their cars as they were
causing "unnecessary blockage of traffic."

Legere said he expects similar stunts across the county if some changes aren't made to the family court system soon.

"We're fed up with the crap," he said.

Maple Ridge resident Rob Robinson pulled the group's first protest stunt in
Canada in May, when he dressed up as Batman and perched atop a 120-foot-high crane in Burnaby for 18 hours.

His stunt netted him a mischief charge. As for Legere, he said, "I thought what he did was great. Spiderman's a-coming, that's all I can tell you."

Steve Osborne, national co-ordinator of Fathers4Justice, says fathers are losing contact with their children all over Canada.

"We have no effective mechanisms to enforce access orders," he said in an
interview from St. John, New Brunswick.

*Publisher Steven W. Malkowich

Editor Corry Anderson canderson@thenownewspaper.com


The mysterious case of the disappearing BBC webpage?


In researching for related items about the last post Fathers 4 Justice meet Minister as Civil Disruption Looms I looked for pieces on Fathers 4 Justice. I found a webpage reported as on the BBC website but it wasn't there. You get " Page Not Found ".

So I went to the BBC search itself. BBC Search for "fathers 4 justice". The third item down is Caped crusaders stand up for dads except it isn't there. There's a cached version which includes "Police crackdown".

The F4J protests have caused traffic chaos as the authorities closed roads beneath the demonstrators on safety grounds.
In response, the police have begun a crackdown on F4J, arresting demonstrators and raiding the homes of a number of those involved.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens had earlier said: "We have got to put a stop to this type of event that causes incredible inconvenience [and] costs an awful lot of money."

"The Spiderman stunt involving the crane also had the added complication of health and safety implications," the police chief said.
Mr Stanesby seems unconcerned, though.

"I've been tortured, that's what it feels like," he says. "If I was put in prison at the moment it'd be a relief from all this."
"I want to be a proper dad to my daughter, and I won't give up until I'm allowed to be."

Looking around this is the only place on the BBC website that mentions the raids. The arrests are mentioned elsewhere but not the raids. The raids are mentioned in other places. Yahoo Police raid "superhero" fathers in protests.

Police said raids had been carried out at addresses in London and in the south and west of the country and London Evening Standard Arrests halt fathers' rights demos

The group campaigning for the rights of fathers separated from their children has called off protests planned for today after police raids on the homes of its members.

Now maybe there's a minor problem with one webpage on the BBC site or maybe the BBC doesn't want to say that the fathers are being treated badly in any way, in other words it's just a bunch of men complaining about nothing. Maybe I'm paranoid or maybe they're out to get me. Probably both.

Here is the cached version on Google

In his spare time, Jolly Stanesby dons a Spiderman costume and climbs tall buildings - from 100-foot cranes to the Royal Court of Justice. It is a strange compulsion - but this is more than just a hobby.

Rather, it is a new form of political demonstration carried out on behalf of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J).

F4J is calling for radical reforms of the ways child access is decided, claiming courts are inherently biased against fathers.

The group has threatened ongoing civil disobedience unless its demands are met, and irate fathers - all dressed as superheroes - have been spotted dangling from tall buildings all over Britain in recent days.

Absolute nightmare
Mr Stanesby, speaking to BBC News Online after a week of protests at Plymouth's Tamar Bridge and London's Blackwell Tunnel approach road, explained: "All dads are superheroes to their kids."

The protests are not easy - he did not get much sleep during his week on the Tamar Bridge - but he believes they are the only way of bringing the issue into the spotlight.

"We live in quite a selfish society... we like to get on with our own lives, but this affects everybody," said Mr Stanesby, from Ivybridge in Devon.

Head to head

Matt O'Connor, who founded Fathers 4 Justice following a "pretty horrific experience" in the family courts, agrees. "The injustice was so shocking that I felt compelled to do something to try and bring around a change in the law," he said. Mr O'Connor says the current system is too adversarial.

"It puts you head to head - it's a winner takes all thing," he said. "To prove who's the best parent you have to prove who's the worst."

The attention won by F4J's caped crusaders has brought the group two meetings with Lord Filkin, the junior minister for family justice at the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA).

"What we want to see is a blueprint for family law," says Mr O'Connor.

"Family law doesn't just need tinkering with," he said.

"We're after a total and fundamental top-to-tail revolution, to change the way we've been thinking about children and families."

But while the DCA confirmed Lord Filkin had held "private, low-key discussions" with F4J, it suggested major legal reforms were unlikely.

Christina Blacklaws, chair of the Law Society's Family Law Committee, concurred, saying that changing the law was less important than educating and informing parents.

"It's not about fathers' or mothers' or parents' rights at all, it's about children's rights, and that's embodied in the Children's Act," she said.
"We would say that it's not the law that needs amendment, but maybe the application of the law."

Ms Blacklaws said any changes would come about "not because of the publicity that Fathers 4 Justice have caused, but because this is a concern that anybody involved in the family justice system has".

"We all have the same concern, which is that the system works well for children," she said.

Serious reform:

Some fathers' rights campaigners have refused to give F4J's radical demonstrations their full support.

Jack O'Sullivan, a spokesperson for the Fathers Direct support group, said: "We agree that the family court system needs serious reform." But he added: "We're not advocating the reforms they're advocating."

"There is room for peaceful protest in our society," he said. "But the danger is that this type of conflict makes it more difficult for some people to listen to justified complaints."

[Why? Justice is non negotiable, and the "conflict" is solely the responsibility of the courts, who are committing blatant assaults on our fundamental rights]

Police crackdown:

The F4J protests have caused traffic chaos as the authorities closed roads beneath the demonstrators on safety grounds.

In response, the police have begun a crackdown on F4J, arresting demonstrators and raiding the homes of a number of those involved. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens had earlier said: "We have got to put a stop to this type of event that causes incredible inconvenience [and] costs an awful lot of money."

"The Spiderman stunt involving the crane also had the added complication of health and safety implications," the police chief said.

Mr Stanesby seems unconcerned, though.

"I've been tortured, that's what it feels like," he says. "If I was put in prison at the moment it'd be a relief from all this."

"I want to be a proper dad to my daughter, and I won't give up until I'm allowed to be."

So police forces are invading the homes of Dads fighting for their inalienable right to love and care for their children? And we call ourselves civilized?

One wonders, therefore, when the first Dad will be shot dead by blind and obedient Government Police Forces? Will the gloves come off, then?

11 Sept. 2004 'Spiderman' closes London Eye in child protest

URL: http://tinyurl.com/52vom

THE TELEGRAPH (UK) 'Spiderman' closes London Eye in child protest

The fathers' rights campaigner who he staged a six-day crane-top vigil
dressed as Spiderman at Tower Bridge has now brought the London Eye to a

David Chick gained access to the tourist attraction before 4am this morning by claiming to be a workman, according to a spokesman for pressure group Fathers 4 Justice.

He then climbed to the top of the 450-feet structure dressed as Spiderman in protest at being denied access to his four-year-old daughter.

London Eye shareholder British Airways said it did not know how Mr Chick
evaded security but described the breach as "unacceptable".

A spokesman said: "We don't know how he gained access to the wheel. He
obviously got past security somehow but it wasn't as straightforward as
saying he was a maintenance man.

"It will be looked at as part of a full investigation by the London Eye
Company and we are taking this matter very seriously. We have extremely
stringent security measures in place and will be looking urgently at how he
got past them. It's unacceptable."

Mr Chick has not seen his daughter since March 1, 2003, after his former
partner denied him access - despite a court order allowing him two hours
each fortnight.

Today, he said in a statement: "My protest has moved forward, and has had to
move forward, because nothing has changed to right the wrongs of one parent
blocking an ex-partner access to their children in defiance of a court

Mr Chick added he was not a "troublemaker or attention seeker" but was
simply trying to maintain a normal father-daughter relationship. "The
British justice system has completely failed my child and I," he said. "To
those who have been inconvenienced by my protest, I apologise.

Police were called to the wheel, billed as the world's highest observational
wheel, at 3.49am this morning.

The area has been cordoned off and the London Eye will remain closed while
the father-of-one continues his protest.


Photo: Spiderman, acting on behalf of Fathers 4 Justice, was seen on the lawn of the Capitol of British Columbia this summer.

 English 'Bobbies' beating up grandmothers in effort to impose police nanny state!

Sack Parliament!

At 1pm on Monday October 9th, up to one hundred and fifty angry and concerned people converged on the Palace of Westminster, to sack parliament. The plan was to surround parliament and cause parliamentary activities to cease. MPs, Lords and civil servants would be prevented from re-opening

3pm update: During the protest an NUJ photogapher was hospitalised by police after being violently thrown into a kerb. Pic | Video
2pm update: 150 people surrounded by cops, cops and more cops.

Events on the day: Anti-authoritarian block | Critical Mass | Party@Parliament | Rehabilitation Block

More information: Map and events over the weekend | Original call-out

Links: Sack Parliament | Evening Standard article


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