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Bag Filters: Improving Air Quality In Commercial Environments

  • Nick
  • May 25, 2016
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Industrial Air Quality Issues


Modern industrial warehouses, factories and urban centres have lead to more upper respiratory illnesses in Canadians. Industrial production is contaminating the air with many airborne pathogens. Bag filters can help improve your indoor air quality.


Black Lung Mining

Canada has numerous mineral resources, which may require digging underground for extraction. Coal miners might eventually get “black lung” after breathing in all of the anthracite for years. Eventually, the workers can sue the company for damages.

Regular citizens are also suffering from a number of lung problems. Asbestos used for insulation in many buildings, especially schools might continue tiny sharp particles, called “fibrils” .When these airborne fibrils get into your lungs, they can cause serious damage.


Indoor Air Quality

Building owners are required to create a clean, safe breathing environment for their employees. For some secondhand smoke has become an issue. In order to prevent bystanders from breathing in these carcinogens, an industrial filter can be used.

Car exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a known poison. Using an industrial filter in your warehouse to collect, filter and destroy harmful chemicals is wise. When your workers breathe clean, healthy air, they are more productive. They can process data more efficiently and engage in higher mental functions.


Increasing Asthma Rates

The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) has reported that the “prevalence of asthma in Canada has been increasing over the last 20 years and it is estimated that currently over 3 million Canadians have asthma.” Asthma can include any of the following symptoms:

    • Shortness of breath
    • Tightness of the chest
    • Coughing
    • WheezingSome victims have inflamed bronchial tubes due to airborne pathogens.

Besides a genetic predisposition towards asthma, tobacco smoke and other forms of airborne pathogens can lead to this horrible malady. The bronchial tubes become filled with these contaminants. These clogged air passages lead to problems getting oxygen to the body and brain.

Bag filters can help prevent people from coughing or suffering from more serious maladies. There can be a lot of dust generated from an industrial warehouse. The industrial filter will remove this, so you can create a clean, working environment.


Avoid Lawsuits By Being Pro-Active

The best workplace is a clean, safe area with superior indoor air quality. Invest in high-quality air filters to prevent lawsuits. You can also create a more productive environment for all of your workers. Bag filters can ensure that everyone is breathing easier at your work place.

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