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'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of
 individual liberty have been eroded and once they are suspended it is
 not difficult for anyone who has assumed such emergency powers to see
 to it that the emergency will persist. - F.A. Hayek


Safety and Security for Canadians(?) Not likely: They have blood on their hands, and can't wash it off.

Material taken directly from the CSIS site: (propaganda below)

"The Government of Canada is actively involved in improving safety and security for Canadians. Many government departments and agencies work together to keep Canada safe. Following September 11th, the Government moved quickly to implement a range of national security initiatives in both legislative and operational areas. In December 2001, the Federal Budget allocated $7.7 billion over the next five years to keep Canada safe, terrorists out and the border open."


[See proof revealing how the RCMP and "federal government", have been letting in organized crime bosses for paybacks - click this link, and watch all three parts of 'RCMP trading passports for drugs ' Also see evidence that the RCMP brass were involved in the cover-up of a shooting of four of their own officers to possibly divert attention from negative media exposure, and spread propaganda about "grow-ops".]

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TERROR CANADIAN STYLE - CSIS Terrorists threaten to cut off limbs of Canadians expressing their unalienable right of freedom of speech. Will you willingly give your tax dollars to criminals and thugs?

TruthMovement.CA | JOE BURD

I’m not usually at a loss for words especially when it comes to the truth, but a new acquaintance of mine recently asked me during a telephone interview why anyone should believe corruption happens in Canada. He went on to say that, in his opinion, he thinks that most of the world holds this northern nation in the highest regard. This was said in the context of a conversation about the recent ultra secret Bilderberg summit in Ottawa where a close friend of mine was taken into custody by Canada’s secret police, held without charge in a small chamber, and interrogated for six hours. But let me regress and get back to the topic – Canada’s willing participation in the New World Order and specific policies drafted by the Council on Foreign Relations to erase the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Sadly, corruption has become a hallmark of the United State government in recent decades, and there’s no question that this is more evident than ever under President George W. Bush. But, in order to understand the globalist’s vision for a unified North America that exists under a perpetual state of martial law, you must also understand Canada’s vital role in their diabolical agenda. Time and again, and more and more especially in recent years, the Canadian government has gotten caught breaking laws, brainwashing its people, and manipulating policy with the goal of moving Canada toward a police state that ultimately conforms with the globalist’s cagey unified North America policy. [SEE Terror Storm video highlighting the history of government sponsored terrorism]

Since those terrible events that took place on 9/11 at the hands of the Powers that Be, a manipulation and perversion of laws across Canada and the United States has been allowed to take place all in the name of keeping us safe. There’s no question that George W. Bush is much happier with Canada’s newest golden boy, Prime Minster Steven Harper, but what most people don’t realize is that there’s always been cooperation on security issues, including Canadian troops being sent to Iraq, and especially since the events in New York City almost five years ago. When Prime Minster Paul Martin was snubbing his nose at America’s Iraq policy to give the illusion of supporting the will of the people, he sent additional troops and support to Afghanistan so the United States could free up more of their own to redeploy to Iraq. Twisted folks, but true.

Here’s some recent examples of conformity and blatant manipulation on the part of the new Harper Government in support of the New World Order’s agenda. On June 7, 2006, a report claimed that a group of terrorists in Canada referred to as the Toronto group, which comprised 17 people, almost all of them young men or boys, plotted to storm the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, take members of Parliament hostage, and demand the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan. They further charge that the group targeted the Toronto Stock Exchange, power plants, the Toronto headquarters of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation building in Toronto for possible bombing or armed seizure. A defense lawyer has reported that one of the defendants, 25-year-old Steven Chand, is alleged to have said he wanted to behead Conservative Prime Minster Steven Harper. Can anybody say Moussaoui, folks? There is a great deal of evidence mounting and many people already believe that, just like 9/11 was orchestrated by the government in order to further martial law and strip constitutional rights in that country, the Canadian government orchestrated this event for similar reasons. As soon as this information about the Toronto group was released publicly in the media, Harper’s officials came out and declared that national security needs to be increased and new laws would soon be necessary to further the interests a police state – all in the name of keeping us safe.

I’ve been a supporter of the eye-opening truth movement for several years now and have proliferated the message whenever possible to my friends, family, and co-workers because I’m certain that every person that learns the truth will tell at least ten of their friends and acquaintances. Knowledge is power and when accompanied with wisdom and truth, there is no stronger message. In recent months, friends of mine as well as some close business associates have partnered to form our own network of people in Canada that are concerned about this country’s role in the globalist’s agenda. Jumping in head first, on June 8, 2006, three of us traveled to Bilderberg 2006 in Ottawa to support Alex Jones and protest the sinister agenda of this 125-member group of pagan elitists to draft and dictate global policies on oil prices and population reduction control. We arrived in Ottawa on the night of June 8, 2006, the first day of this surreptitious meeting in the nation’s capital. Later that evening, we visited the Brookstreet Resort and approached security personnel to ask about the conference. Of course, nobody on the ground would confirm or deny anything, but did say that the hotel was off limits to the public. Immediately, we were surrounded by additional security personnel contracted by the government, members of the secret service and CSIS agents. We were told to leave at once and there wouldn’t be a problem”.

On the following day, June 9, 2006, we attended the conference as planned. All three of us had the opportunity to meet with Alex Jones as well as spend time with Daniel Estulin, an international investigative reporter and author from Spain, and prolific Bilderberg Diary author Jim Tucker. Our party was subsequently invited to attend dinner with Alex, Daniel, and the rest of Alex’s entourage later that evening. Alex left the site at around 1:00 PM and we left approximately an hour later. At approximately 3:30 PM, my long-time friend, Don McCormick, was resting in the backseat of our rental vehicle on a downtown street while Crystal Slack and I were having drinks at a local lounge. A military-grade task force involving local police, RCMP and members of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team descended around the rental vehicle with weapons pointed at Mr. McCormick. He was abruptly and forcibly taken into custody from his vehicle, thrown to the ground and kicked in head, and brought to an undisclosed, high-security installation where he was subsequently held against his will and impudently interrogated for almost six hours before finally being released. Ms. Slack and I were brought into the mix when we were returning to the rental car, saw a barrage of flashing red lights at the vehicle, and got intercepted and detained without charge by police officials. We were also taken to a RCMP holding facility located somewhere in Ottawa’s downtown core, held without charges, and interrogated for several hours about our involvement with Mr. McCormick, Alex Jones, and Jim Tucker. During our separate interviews with several members of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, it was casually suggested that Alex's actions may "undermine national security" and that "some consider him an insurgent" that threatens peace and stability. Canada is already ahead of the United States in the race to stifle citizen’s rights in that not only does this country unofficially adopt the U.S. Patriot Act through provisions in NAFTA and Smart Borders, but Canada’s exclusive Anti-Terrorism Act further suffocates our rights to free speech and takes extrodinary measures to stop people from being able to voice their opinions against the government through new anti-propaganda provisions. Even Alex Jones, a noted international journalist with avid supporters around the planet, was taken into custody at the U.S.-Canadian border, harassed and interrogated for several hours before being released.

Ms. Slack and I were both released from holding, seemingly at least an hour or more before Mr. McCormick’s eventual release from custody. However, we were escorted back to the rental car and forced to wait in the back of a police cruiser like common thugs until Mr. McCormick also returned to the scene – we were all released from the scene at the same time and told to leave town and speak to nobody about the events that had taken place at the hands of the secret police. Despite suggestions to “do more sleeping and less talking”, Mr. McCormick, most definitely shaken and stirred at that point, babbled throughout the night about his time in custody. He said that they repeatedly accused him of lying and wanting to blow up the Brookstreet Resort, and they wanted to know anything about our party’s involvement with Alex Jones. He also told both of us that they threatened to cut off his arms and said that they had his friends in attempts to extract information or manipulate his responses. Officials also told him that he would never be alone again and to watch his back. Mr. McCormick, a personal friend that I’ve known for 24 years, also indicated to both of us that there were some things that were said and happened that he couldn’t talk about because he feared his own safety. He was shaken up and for good reason – he was in all likelihood one short step away from being flown out of the country to a secret interrogation prison facility somewhere in Eastern Europe; one step away from being branded a Steven Chand.

We were back home by June 10 and Mr. McCormick had still not found peace or freed his mind from his haunting memories of what happened to him during his time in the nation’s capital. On that evening, he had finally starting releasing more of what had been bottled up inside since his ordeal. He was delirious and collapsed on the floor – we rushed him by car to the nearby GBHS Wiarton Hospital (located north of Owen Sound). The hospital diagnosed him with severe dehydration and mental fatigue due to his experiences in Ottawa. He was given medication to help him sleep and released later in the night. While in hospital care, he babbled and revealed more about his experiences at the hands of the secret police. Three different members of the medial support team heard Mr. McCormick talk about having his arms cut offand that government officials threatened to harm his friends if he didn’t give them information. Although he went through of lot of different emotional highs and lows leading up to and after his trip to the hospital, Mr. McCormick wanted to be strong, step forward, and publicly talk about his nightmare. Alex Jones interviewed Don McCormick for 40 minutes on Alex’s radio show on Monday, June 19, 2006, where they discussed most of what happened in Ottawa.

When we think about secret police, manipulation and perversion of the law, government collusion and corruption, and the evil agenda of the globalists, we think of either the United States or any number of shady third-world, dictator-style regimes. But let’s talk about Canada and its role in a unified North America and the New World Order’s plan for global domination. It’s not only time for Canadians to open their eyes to what’s really happening around them, but also for people around the world to recognize that this friendly, peaceful nation plays a vital role to the globalists. Welcome to the new Northern Frontier; a darker side of Canadian reality that nobody wants to admit or acknowledge, but clearly exists nevertheless.

Prime Minster Harper, who failed time and again in his previous attempts to gain power in Canada, finally became a made man in 2003 after he was invited to and attended the Bilderberg summit at the Trianon Hotel, near Versailles, France. It was clear that he had their support because, more than anyone else in the running, he was willing to carry out without question the evil globalist agenda. George W. Bush himself couldn’t have chosen a better person to be his lackey north of the border (with the exception of some of his own family members or oil industry cronies). In recent months, there has also been a considerable amount of speculation and mounting evidence that suggests the general election itself may have been manipulated to some degree American-style in order to achieve the given result.

Especially in the past decade, Canada has taken a number of measures and downward turns to align itself with the New World Order and institute a northern police state as per this country’s mandate implemented by the Council on Foreign Relations and pushed and enforced by Bilderberg and other similar groups, such as WTO, APEC and the World Bank, annually around the world.

Gun ownership laws have been a contentious issue in the United States now for decades and have even influenced Presidential elections. In recent years, the Canadian government has also decided to take up gun ownership for its own purposes, but certainly not to make conditions more favourable for law abiding, tax paying citizens. Throughout history, whenever any country has tried to remove or track the ownership of guns and weapons, it has led to a worsening of the problem. Canada has recently wasted over $ 1.2 billion on a gun registry for Canadians. The final result of the registry fiasco ended in concessions allowing long guns but as a whole it was a very large waste of taxpayers’ dollars with virtually no penalties to the government officials involved in this debacle. I don’t believe that any criminal, thug or terrorist took the time to follow the law and register there weapons and yet the government through their blind wisdom harassed and made honest, tax-paying, voting citizens into criminals thus contributing to the this country’s growing police state. Despite the government’s efforts to protect us with these type of impotent measures, the summer of 2005 was the worst summer for gun crime deaths ever on record with over 50 people killed at the same time that the government was trying to control gun ownership in this country. This comparable to the war on drugs that caused drug usage in the United States to increase 300% since the 1980s. Good job, folks.

In Canada we have Crime Stoppers, Neghbourhood Watch, and an Amber Alert system that puts the face of abducted children on tens of thousands of video screens including lottery terminals. These are all excellent advances in information technology meant to be used for a postive result and help victims of crime. However these big-brother like systems also make it much simpler to track people in general and control the population at large. The government can turn anything good into something toxic – the Canadian government has this system down to a science.

Let’s talk AdScam for a minute. The Canadian government has blatantly ripped its people off again for billions of dollars through an ad campaign in which close friends of our government got millions of dollars in federal money for contracts that were never fulfilled or never existed in the first place. The Canadian taxpayers had to pay out of pocket for the government’s Gomery Commission inquiry to investigate the scam then, as one might predict, nothing really happened to the people who ripped us off. It’s almost like the government is set on self destruction so that the people will rise up and martial law can be declared.

How about Canada’s place in the world community? We’re the country that keeps peace, snubs our noses at American policies, treats its citizens fairly, and is loved by the rest of the world. Here’s a little fact that nobody in the mainstream is aware, something that could threaten security and safety through the North American Unionand ultimately around the world. We’re worried about nuclear technology in countries like Iran and North Korea, but what about our own backyard? In the coming months Canada’s energy industry will suddenly reveal the shocking state of this nation’s nuclear reactors. A high-level source that has been involved with Ontario Hydro and Hydro One for almost two decades, having worked at all of Ontario’s generating stations, has told us about leaks in the pool that hold spent nuclear rods and more serious foundation flaws including large cracks and holes. Over the past decade, two weeks before the IAEA visits a Canadian nuclear facility, workers are instructed to paint and latex over the cracks in order to pass inspection. Corruption, collusion and lies – I guess these things are now staples in Canadian politics, too.

Sometimes the truth is not what people want to hear, but the truth is the truth. Similarily, the right choice is always the right choice, always has been the right choice and always will be the right choice. Nothing is permanent but change and now that people are starting to learn the truth, change really can begin to happen on a broader scale. However, only a portion of what really happens is out in the open and that’s why we must keep attaining new information and increasing our knowledge to achieve the goal of honest government.

Canada is just as much a willing part of the globalist’s vision as the United States and, for all intents and purposes, Mexico will also play a huge role in the coming years. There’s more and more evidence mounting each day and there’s a lot more to be said not only on the topics mentioned in this article, but more directly about Steven Harper’s allegiance to the New World Order and Canada’s continuing downward spiral from a nation once held in high regard to the cold reality of what’s really happening around us.

The "New World Order" would cordially like to introduce its newest member state to the grand organization – Canada.



Paramilitary Secret Police Kidnap, Detain, Torture Bilderberg Investigators

Click here to listen to an interview with Joe Burd.

Click here to listen to an interview with Don McCormick


OTTAWA (CP) - The watchdog over CSIS recommends the spy agency make it official policy to consider a country's human rights record and possible security abuses before handing over information.

Though the Security Intelligence Review Committee doesn't name names, it appears the recommendation clearly stems from three high-profile cases of Arab-Canadians, all related to the Maher Arar affair, who were imprisoned and interrogated in Syria about alleged terrorist links.

"SIRC believes that CSIS's policy framework should reflect the challenges of dealing with countries suspected of human rights violations," says the review committee's annual report tabled Thursday in Parliament.

The committee's examination of CSIS's information exchanges with seven foreign agencies for the period January 2002 through December 2004 found the intelligence service had complied with the law and existing policy.

However, it noted some concerns, concluding that:

-Information CSIS provided to a foreign agency could have contributed to the agency's decision to detain a Canadian citizen, who was a CSIS target, upon arrival in that country.

-CSIS received and used information from a foreign agency that "may have been obtained under duress."

-Questions submitted by CSIS to the same agency via a third party may have been used in interrogating a Canadian citizen "in a manner that violated his human rights" - a diplomatic way of saying torture.

CSIS told the committee that in most cases it will not know whether information originated from an abuse of human rights, but, if suspected, the service has to balance that against the need to protect Canadians.

The review committee said while the service must deal with some agencies that engage in questionable practices, it should amend information-sharing policy "to include consideration of the human rights record of the country and possible abuses by its security or intelligence agencies."

CSIS spokeswoman Barbara Campion said Thursday that as a result of an earlier committee review of Arar's case, the service had already taken action on a similar recommendation.

"We'll take another look at our policies and see if they need any more updating or reviewing," she added.

For reasons of national security, the review committee is circumspect about the individuals and agencies it scrutinizes in the course of keeping an eye on CSIS.

However, it is evident the review of foreign exchanges zeroes in on three cases linked to the Arar affair.

It is difficult to pinpoint which or how many of these individuals - Abdullah Almalki of Ottawa, Toronto truck driver Ahmad El Maati and Toronto-area geologist Muayyed Nureddin - the committee's findings directly concern.

However, the report could prompt new questions about CSIS's role in the cases when the spy agency's director, Jim Judd, appears before a Commons committee next Tuesday.

Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian, was detained in New York in September 2002 and soon after deported by U.S. authorities - winding up in a grave-like Damascus cell where he was tortured into giving false confessions.

A commission of inquiry led by Justice Dennis O'Connor found information passed by the RCMP to U.S. authorities very likely led to Arar's ordeal.

O'Connor also concluded CSIS "did not do an adequate reliability assessment" as to whether details Arar gave Syrian Military Intelligence behind bars were the product of torture.

O'Connor recommended the RCMP and CSIS review their policies governing how they supply information to foreign governments, such as Syria, with questionable human rights records.

Arar came under RCMP scrutiny in Ottawa in October 2001 through his contact with Almalki, a prime target of an anti-terrorism investigation dubbed Project A-O Canada.

O'Connor said the cases of Almalki, El Maati and Nureddin, all three of whom were also imprisoned in Damascus, raised troubling questions about the role of Canadian officials.

He recommended the cases be reviewed through an independent and credible process. The government has said it will look into the cases.

This article is a candy coated whitewash of the real method of operation for CSIS and the RCMP, who routinely abuse and intimidate Canadian citizens, as the previous story clearly indicates..... Most of these cases never see the light of day, and are covered under the tightly held CSIS/RCMP "code of secrecy"...


Police caught trying to cause riot at NAU/SPP meeting!


CSIS was silent partner in Air India Terrorist Attack!!!

While reading his verdict, Josephson took time to criticize CSIS for destroying what could have been key evidence in the case. He called the erasing of hundreds of hours of wiretap conversations involving key suspects "unacceptable negligence."  -


June 02, 2003 Notes from CTV report.

The RCMP claim that Canada's spy agency had an informant in the inner circle of the Air India bombing conspiracy and that the Indian government was somehow involved in Canada's worse mass murder.

Both comments were made by RCMP interrogators in interviews with two Air India suspects immediately after their arrests, and were contained in just released court documents.

After Ajaib Singh Bagri was arrested in October 2000, police claim a former associate of Bagri's named Surjan Singh Gill was actually a mole for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. CSIS instructed Gill to back out of the bombing at the last possible moment, according to RCMP Sgt. Jim Hunter.

"They told him to get out of there. Things are happening and you can't be seen as part of that."

Gill has never been charged and instead was moved to England in September 2000, just before Bagri and co-accused Ripudaman Singh Malik were charged in the bombing.

{Photo - signed letter from Inspector Bass of RCMP ' E' Division shows CSIS destroyed tapes showing they knew about bombing weeks before it killed 329 men, women and Children.}


Crime Files: What did CSIS know? CBC August 27, 2003 [Alternate link]

Is this simply evidence of gross negligence or incompetence, or does it in fact suggest criminal involvement? If it were simply a matter of negligence or incompetence, how do we explain recent statements [after the verdict] by the "Public Safety" ministry that "there would be no interest served by a public inquiry"? Bare in mind that the minister responsible, Anne McLellan, and CSIS have close ties to those seeking to implement global government by use of "terrorism fears" created by this and the 911 hoax - See 911 Large amounts of evidence was deliberately DESTROYED BY CSIS - see above comments (in photo) by RCMP inspector BASS!  This is clearly NOT a simple matter of "miscommunication" between government departments, as McLellan insists on 'spinning' this to the media. More disturbing conclusions are all we are left with. See also: MP Charges that "Public Safety" Minister obstructing justice, and protecting pedophiles.]

Gill stated In an interview in England two years ago with The Vancouver Sun he was not an Air India suspect, though he is repeatedly described as one in RCMP records.

But in the Bagri interrogation, Sgt. Hunter makes several references to Gill being a CSIS informant such as, "His agent handlers have told him 'you better distance yourself from these people,' " and later on in the interview, "Mr. Gill is trying to get out of this because he is in big trouble."

Neither CSIS nor the RCMP would comment specifically on the documents just released. RCMP Sergeant Grant Learned said "it would be inappropriate to comment because the Air India case is before the courts".                                                                    

                                                                                                        {Photo: Surjan Singh Gill}

Just 100 pages of a 503-page interview with Bagri were released Friday on a disk containing thousands of pages of documents, from months of hearings, prior to the start of the Air India trial April 28.

Also contained in the documents are details of an interview with Inderjit Singh Reyat after his arrest in June 2001. Reyat plead guilty for his role in the bombing and was sentenced to five years.

Malik and Bagri are charged with conspiracy, murder and attempted murder in two bombings on June 23, 1985, that targeted Air India and left 331 dead.     

{Photo: makeshift morgue of FLT182 victims}        



Air India Flight 182 was blown out of the sky off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 aboard.  Solicitor General Wayne Easter said there are no plans for an inquiry into the conduct of CSIS.

Robert Polton. All rights reserved.

McLellan fields calls for Air India inquiry [March 16, 2005]

CSIS agents trying to cover-up direct involvement in Air India Bombing [VIDEO]

Below is a lovely demonstration of the media spin put on the fact that CSIS participated directly in assisting the Air India bombing in order to create a public acceptance of more government money and power, and the erosion of our precious liberties. Governments throughout history have done this before, and the public seems to trust them over and over again, regardless of how damning the evidence against them is. CSIS didn't just have men on the inside steering the terrorism, they then destroyed the paper trail, and all other evidence linking their involvement. Now they want you to think it was all an unfortunate accident, and it won't happen again, as long as you give up a bit more of your liberty and tax money to them.... John Major even gives us a lovely pose for the paper...  but we're not fooled by his claim to release "secret documents".

PS: If anyone can still find this original story on the internet, please mail it to us.... because it appears to be yet another story that has been purged from the internet. info@bcrevolution.ca



Oh hey... guess what... now there is a connection to the Vancouver Police.

This is the same department lead by a Chief with alleged connections to Asian

drug dealers, and who claimed to be privy to secret CSIS files showing

Vancouver was going to be a target of terrorism.... Can you connect the dots?

Former Vancouver officer recalls 1984 warning of bomb plot
Last Updated: Monday, April 30, 2007 | 12:37 PM ET
CBC News

A former Vancouver police officer says news of the Air India bombing
made him recall an interview he'd done eight months earlier with a
crime suspect who told him a bomb would be planted on one of the
airline's 747 jets.

Rick Crook, now a civilian employee with the RCMP, was the first
witness to testify Monday as the inquiry into the bombing resumed in

He said that as soon as he heard the news of the bombing on June 23,
1985, he wondered if there was a connection to an earlier interview he
and another Vancouver police officer had done with a person charged
with a "most serious offence."

"It was a reference to two bombs that was made in the interview that
I'd conducted in October 1984 that caused me to think they were
connected," he said.

Secret witness wanted lid kept on police payoffs

Kim Bolan
CanWest News Service

Saturday, March 13, 2004

VANCOUVER -- A key witness at the Air India trial admitted Friday he had hoped to keep secret the hundreds of thousands of dollars the RCMP paid him after he agreed to testify against accused bomber Ajaib Singh Bagri.

The man, known by his pseudonym John, agreed with Bagri defence lawyer Richard Peck that he asked the RCMP if the amount given to him would have to be disclosed when he testified at the international terrorism trial.

John, who informed the FBI for years about the activities of Sikh militants in New York, testified earlier that Bagri confessed his involvement in the Air India bombing outside a New Jersey gas station within weeks of the terrorist attack that left 331 dead. Friday, Peck hammered away at John's credibility, portraying him as a paid witness with a history of lying.

John negotiated a $300,000 US ($460,000 Cdn) --payment from the RCMP in exchange for coming to Canada to testify.

Peck went over numerous RCMP reports with John about the "bargaining" that led to the extraordinary payment. John at first requested $500,000 US but the RCMP said the amount was too high. The witness was offered $250,000 US but testified Friday that for "my information, it was too low, the price."

The RCMP met several times to haggle over the money, even though the reports always stated "that we would give him money to assist him with providing protection."

Bagri and co-accused Ripudaman Singh Malik are charged with conspiracy and murder in two bombings on June 23, 1985, that targeted Air India and killed 331.



This next article (and those following) requires some basic deduction and reasoning

skills to decipher its true implications. It reveals that the alleged federal government is

hiding a dark secret so sinister, that should the public become aware of it, it would

shake the foundations of government, and lead to their downfall. See if you can see

what is going on... they are counting on the public's blind trust to hide the truth.


Ask yourself why a PUBLIC INQUIRY  of a COMMERCIAL airline bombing, involving

a standard [pre-anti-terrorism legislation] criminal investigation, would be classed

as a "national security risk"? This is not an investigation on Canada's nuclear

program, or secret military technology...... it is about how CSIS failed to stop a bombing

THEY were intimately involved with, while working with the key players, and failed

not only to prevent the bombing, but to effectively convict ANY of the people involved.

Unless of course you think five years in jail for killing over 300 men, women and children

is a successful conviction? [One patsy was convicted of manslaughter]


Even if you can't believe that CSIS helped plan the attack and protect the terrorists,

do you really want to pay BILLIONS and BILLIONS to an organization that fails at

the ONE main task they are assigned to do?


By 2004, the federal government had actually increased their budget by a staggering 9 billion...


By comparison [military spending for 2004 was 13 billion]


You starting to see what's happening yet? Why the secrecy is vital? Keep reading please.....




Air India families protest proposal to allow hearings to be held in secret

By KIM BOLAN Can West News Service

 VANCOUVER — Some Air India families fear they will be shut out of significant parts of the judicial inquiry into the deadly 1985 bombing by a proposal allowing the hearings to move behind closed doors.

Raj Anand, lawyer for one group of victims’ relatives, said the decision on in-camera sessions is being made prematurely and without justification.

The Justice Department made it clear earlier this month that it intends to apply to have the inquiry, headed by retired Jus­tice John Major, held partly in secret.

“Hearings will be held in camera only if the DOJ raises a national-security claim over information that the commission wishes to consider publicly,” say minutes of a Nov. 8 meeting on the issue obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

“The commissioner has asked that other parties wishing to attend in-camera hearings and/or read unredacted (edited for publication) documents submit a motion in writing to this effect?’

Lawyers for the larger group of Air India families submitted their motion Friday to get access to in-camera portions of the inquiry.

But Anand said it is difficult to request access to secret hearings in a void, without knowing when and how the in-camera provision will be used.

“I don’t think that the process should be reversed to the point where that kind of hypothetical is dealt with and then that paves the way to a sort of holus-bolus lapsing into in-camera hearings whenever the Justice Department decides that is what they want," he said.

Anand represents several people who lost their relatives in the June 23, 1985, Air India bombing, including Lata Pada of Mississauga, Ont.

Pada said the inquiry’s aim was to have a public airing of the systemic failures that have allowed those at the centre of the terrorist conspiracy to walk free.

“I thought this inquiry was about getting to the truth and that means being as open and transparent as possible with a public process’ she said.

Anand said the proposal for the in-camera hearings would make it so restrictive that even lawyers for the families would be excluded, as well as media representatives and the public.

“They are excluding everybody except the commission and (the department of) justice’ he said.

Inquiry spokesman Michael Tansey provided a written response Friday to The Sun’s request for information about the secret sessions.

“The process for hearing evidence in-camera is described in the terms of reference of the commission;’ he said. “A decision to hear evidence in camera will not be made until a request to do so is received from the Attorney General of Canada. To date, no such request has been received.”

There has already been a lack of openness in terms of disclosure to the victims’ families, Anand said.

Many historic government documents related to the bombing have been redacted without explanation, he said.

For example, the families received a copy of a letter from then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in the summer of 1985, responding to a letter from former prime minister Brian Mul­roney.

“I said, well where is the (Mulroney) letter to which it responds, and I was told by justice counsel that it was in the material, but that it was blacked out,” Anand said.

He said the inquiry lawyers have indicated the commission will move behind closed doors during its examination of whether there was adequate co-operation between CSIS and the RCMP before and after the bombing, in looking at aviation security, terrorist financing and witness-protection issues.

[Is this guy dim-witted, or does he think the public is? The question of "adequate co-operation" back in 1985 is hardly a national security issue, it's a question of simple standard operating procedures. It may lead to boredom and dry eyes, but it is not going to put the public at peril if we find out they didn't have a working fax number. This MUST have been a VERY important case, so it is safe to assume people in both departments were talking regularly when needed, and if not, the public finding out they were incompetent morons is NOT a national security threat. Not to mention the fact that one ASSUMES they would have fixed such a simple issue after 21 years and 9 or more additional billions of the tax payers money. Remember now, the man in charge of the intelligence service said there was no need to investigate CSIS.... Finding that just a little odd are you? You should be.]

Anand said the move to hold important evidence in secret will undermine the purpose in calling for the judicial inquiry.

At the very least, he said, there should be a hearing on whether the proposal is justified on the basis of national security.

“Otherwise it is a blank cheque,” Anand said.

The inquiry, which got underway in September with heart-wrenching testimony from victims’ families, was forced to adjourn prematurely this month so government lawyers could have more time to decide which documents should be disclosed.

It is scheduled to resume in February.

[So we are to believe it will take a massive team of top government lawyers an additional three months to protect info relating simply to "adequate co-operation" with CSIS and the RCMP? Pull the other one!]

The inquiry was called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this year in response to demands from victims’ families devastated by the acquittals last year of two B.C. Sikh separatists charged in the bombings, which left 331 dead..


Well, let us save you the suspense. The REAL culprits in this mess are those working high up in CSIS [and RCMP] to foment terrorist events within Canada, for the purpose of increasing government and police power. [Click here to see a direct and recent example]

Please remember that these are the exact same people who while claiming the public are targets of random life threatening violence, still openly violate our fundamental right to lawful self-defence, by criminalizing those who use the same defensive weapons they use (namely firearms). Someone evidently forgot to explain to these so-called "law enforcers" the rather simple and common law tenet of 'rule of law', as well as the phrase 'security of the person', which is a guarantee under the Charter. Some likewise need to be reminded that their history and authority comes from WE THE PEOPLE, and WE CREATED THEM for our sole benefit and service. [Btw, rule of law is not the same as rule of legislation - law comes from consent, and is founded on coherent and tested principles - whereas legislation is simply the moronic scribbling of those elected to legislatures, which can even put things on paper that lead to the murder of millions. Our courts have already agreed that Legislatures are noting more that simple 'roman clubs', and only members need follow their private rules.]

Furthermore, let us remember these civil >servants< were recently caught red handed fomenting the "Toronto Terrorist" cell that they made into a massive media spectacle. We know the RCMP and CSIS were not only the leaders of this "terror cell" but also arranged both the buying and selling of fertilizer we were told they were going to attack us with. [Well it can burn your eyes, we're told... but without being precisely mixed with diesel, it is relatively harmless.]

Oh, and lets not forget how the "terrorist training" CSIS told us about actually turned out to be a CSIS agent arranging several of these folks to enjoy a little paintball action.

This same pattern of government sponsored 'false flag terrorism' has been exposed in other countries, within their respective "intelligence" services, and is now well documented and historically proven.

If this is all too far fetched for you..... or if such a concept shatters your blind faith in the "goodness of governments",  who have killed over 200 million people in the last 100 years, then we ask that you please PLEASE watch this free video..... and then peruse some more of our WebPages.

The info is all right before your eyes, if you are willing to examine it impartially and with wisdom.

Related: Toronto Star: 'Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All'

Related: Canadian 'Terror Plot' Begins To Unravel


Ok, so here we have a May 3 article practically spelling it out for you, and the mainstream media STILL CAN'T figure out the obvious!!!!! We sure hope YOU can!

Here we have the Attorney General of Ontario revealing (after years of silence) that he brought specific information of the dates that the Air India bombing was to take place, and the RCMP told him basically to mind his own business.

Come on people, you have to see what's going on.... this is not a Sherlock Holmes mystery any more. EVERY piece of secretive information points to direct government involvement in the Air India bombing, and the media and the government are trying to tell you this was a staffing issue. How is destroying key evidence or ignoring key information to the biggest criminal case in Canadian history related to organizational problems? And its only a national security issue if you find out the truth and demand their punishment for murdering hundreds of people, including children.

They finally admitted they had at least one mole in the very heart of this terror group, and no doubt he was steering the whole program, then they told him to get out when they knew the attack had received a green light. They even knew it was a 747, and which weekend the bombing would take place. They really must think you are too stupid to see the blood on their hands!

The alleged federal government is being run (STILL) by criminal elements and terrorists out to destroy your inherent rights and liberty with secret arrests, and national id programs.... the worst is still to come. This is how they profit from these attacks... more money and power.. They'll be taking your guns, then you'll see some real home grown terror alright.



Authorities had advance warning of Air India attack, inquiry is told - 2007-05-03 - By: JIM BROWN

OTTAWA (CP) - A distinguished former diplomat - now the lieutenant-governor of Ontario - has stunned the Air India inquiry with an assertion that Canadian authorities possessed intelligence, just days before the 1985 bombing, that indicated an attack on the airline was imminent.

James Bartleman testified Thursday that he personally saw the information in an electronic intercept from the top-secret Communications Security Establishment, an arm of the Defence Department.

When he tried to draw it to the attention of the RCMP, however, he was told the force already knew about it and advised to butt out.

"In the week of June 18, the week of the bombing which took place on the 23rd, I was going through the daily intercept package from CSE," Bartleman told the inquiry headed by former Supreme Court justice John Major.

"And I saw in there a document which indicated that Air India was being targeted that weekend - specifically the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd."

The airline's Flight 182 left Toronto on June 22 and went down the next morning off the coast of Ireland, the victim of a terrorist bomb that took 329 lives.

Air India had been considered a potential target of Canadian-based Sikh separatists for more than a year. But ever since the bombing, the government has insisted that police and security officers had no advance warning that any specific flight was in danger.

Bartleman, who was then head of intelligence and security at Foreign Affairs, acknowledged the CSE intercept was "raw, unevaluated information" that hadn't been checked out.

He also noted there had been so many erroneous tips and false alarms raised in the previous year that "I suppose it would be possible for someone to say this is just another one of these cry-wolf events."

But he recalled that he was worried enough to take the written report containing the latest information to an RCMP officer, whose name he couldn't specify, but who happened to be at Foreign Affairs that day for a meeting on anti-terrorist strategy

"His response startled me," said Bartleman. "He flushed and told me that of course he had seen it, and that he didn't need me to tell him how to do his job."

Bartleman said he let the matter drop, assuming the Mounties were on the case and taking all necessary precautions. It was an assumption he continued to hold for the next two decades, keeping silent and never raising the issue again in the post-mortems that followed the tragedy.

He had full confidence in both the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, he said Thursday, since he had worked closely with them in his job at Foreign Affairs.

"I expected they had done their job and that, despite their very best efforts, the plane had gone down."

Government lawyer Barney Brucker, in a vigorous cross-examination, pointed out that the Justice Department has so far been unable to locate the document summarizing the intercept that Bartleman claims he saw. Nor have federal lawyers been able to find any other officials who remember being advised of the matter.

Brucker also expressed astonishment that anyone would wait 22 years to come forward and tell such a story.

Bartleman remained unflappable, noting that he left the intelligence bureau in 1985 to move on to duties that included stints as ambassador to Israel, NATO and Cuba. He also served as the personal foreign affairs adviser to former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien.

In another development, newly declassified documents released to the inquiry indicate that Sikh extremists threatened the life of then prime minister Brian Mulroney in the aftermath of the Air India attack.

An anonymous letter sent to police in July 1986 described attacks - with targets including Mulroney, the Toronto subway, theatres, banks and malls - that would follow if authorities did not release Sikh separatist leader Talwinder Singh Parmar.

Parmar, the suspected matermind of the Air India bombing, and five others were arrested in June 1986 on charges of plotting terrorist acts in India.

They were acquitted and Parmar was killed by police in India in 1992.

Although he was vague on the identity of the RCMP officer he spoke to - Bartleman thought he was a superintendent but could have been an inspector - he said he clearly remembers other details, such as the specific source of the intelligence provided by CSE.

He couldn't be questioned on such details Thursday because of legal concerns over national security, but has agreed to testify further behind closed doors.

Bartleman said he had been following Major's work through the media and decided - when he bumped into commission counsel Mark Freiman while both were out walking their dogs in Toronto - that it was time to put his recollections on the public record.

"I am providing you with the truth as I see it," he said Thursday - adding that he would be a poor lieutenant-governor if he didn't do his "duty as a citizen."

His lawyer, Paul Cavalluzzo, said it's not surprising investigators have so far been unable to locate the CSE document that would back up his claims.

Reports of unconfirmed, raw intelligence are often shredded and never find their way into official files, said Cavalluzzo, who had extensive experience with the matter as chief counsel to the Maher Arar inquiry.

"It's just unreasonable to assume the government would maintain that kind of record. We're talking about probably tens of millions of documents."

Jacques Shore, one of the lawyers for the families of the Air India victims, called the testimony "astounding" but congratulated Bartleman on his decision to go public, even if it was belated.

"I think, the lieutenant-governor being here today demonstrated his courage," said Shore. "(He) recognized there was something that was left undone, in his mind, and that this was a part of the story that needed to be told."

Same story told on Canada.com next day. Will you act to defend your country and its values and liberty, or will you let them wash your brain with a pack of half-truths and blatant lies? This is not going away... they have a plan, and if it is not stopped, they WILL continue it. Please keep reading....

Air India warning had right date

Told to mind his own business, Bartleman testifies

Kim Bolan - CanWest News Service, Friday, May 04, 2007

OTTAWA - The Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario stunned the Air India inquiry yesterday when he testified that he saw a record of a specific threat made against the airline for the weekend of June 22-23, 1985.

Until the revelation by James Bartleman, the government has always maintained that despite many general warnings, there was no specific threat against Air India Flight 182 on the weekend it was targeted and 329 people were killed.

But Mr. Bartleman, who was the senior intelligence official with the federal Department of External Affairs at the time, told retired Justice John Major that raw data from an intercept was placed on his desk days before the bombing, saying a plane would be hit that weekend.

"I was going through the daily intercept package and I saw in there a document that Air India was being targeted that weekend -- specifically the weekend of the 22nd-23rd. It was raw, unevaluated information," Mr. Bartleman testified. "But I took it seriously."

Mr. Bartleman said he knew there was a meeting going on nearby about Sikh extremism that included the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, so he tucked the document into a secure folder and went over to make sure they knew about it.

He said an RCMP officer was abrasive when he showed him the information.

"He flushed and told me of course he had seen it and he didn't need me to tell him how to do his job. So I said fine, that confirmed that he had seen it and that the RCMP would take that into consideration and do what was necessary," Mr. Bartleman said. "The next thing in my memory is the downing of the aircraft."

[We now know that the phrase "do what was necessary" meant pulling ALL their bomb sniffing dogs off duty for a so-called "training exercise" so the bombing would be successful, and the government would have an excuse for more money and police powers for CSIS and the RCMP to track and control YOU. See below article, and video following blue bar....]

Mr. Bartleman said he was devastated when he learned the plane had exploded on a Sunday morning as he and his family loaded their station wagon to go on holidays.

"I felt really, really heartsick that despite the best efforts I assumed of everyone concerned ? all these people had been killed," Mr. Bartleman said.

"I associated that event with my discussion with the RCMP officer of several days before. I had never in my career up to that date, never been talked to that way, that someone would sort of hiss at me to mind my own business."

He testified that he never followed up within his department or with the RCMP after the bombing because he knew the police already had the tip and he did not have more to offer.

He did not want to be accused of interfering in a police investigation, said Mr. Bartleman, who admitted he had never raised the warning with anyone until last year when he approached inquiry lawyer Mark Freiman.

Barney Brucker, representing the Department of Justice, asked Mr. Bartleman why he did not immediately race to others in his department, saying "my God, we had this, we missed this, let's look at this again."

Mr. Bartleman held his ground, repeating: "What purpose would it have served at that stage when the plane was down?"

Mr. Brucker also asked why no one else in Mr. Bartleman's former department remembers seeing the document, nor has it ever been found.

"I know what I saw and it is fixed in my mind," Mr. Bartleman said firmly.

He said despite the passage of time, he remembers the events clearly because of their significance -- just like the assassination of John F. Kennedy or 9/11.

"So I linked those things together in my mind and they made a searing impression, which I have never forgotten all these years."

Mr. Bartleman, who had a distinguished diplomatic career before being appointed to his current post in 2002, said the activities of Sikh extremists reached a crescendo in the weeks before the bombing.

"I saw all this flood of material so I proposed an ad hoc working group be established within my bureau ? to look at all this material and make sure nothing fell between the cracks."

He said he had much respect for the RCMP officers with whom he worked and that they had agreed to raise the security level at Air India in Toronto throughout June.

"There had been so many alarms raised over the previous year about potential attacks ? I suppose it would be possible for someone to say this is just another one of these cry-wolf events," Mr. Bartleman said about the specific warning he saw.

"CSIS had written, I think, 76 assessments the previous year on the issue of Sikh extremism. There had been many representations made by the Indian High Commission etc. So it could, on the surface, be just regarded as another one of these things." The inquiry continues today.

Diplomat who stunned Air India inquiry says he thought police acted on information - May6/07

Here comes the intimidation on those letting out some very damaging secrets showing CSIS involvement and planning of the Air India bombing.


Ottawa seeks to discredit Bartleman, judge warns - May 8, 2007
Inquiry chief says witness 'falling into line' against Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor


 OTTAWA -- The head of the Air-India inquiry says the federal government is trying to discredit the testimony of James Bartleman, who said last week there was advance warning of a threat to doomed Flight 182.


Referring to government witnesses and lawyers, John Major, the retired Supreme Court of Canada judge who heads the inquiry, said yesterday "it is obvious that they don't like that testimony."

[Click headline for full story.....]


Are you on the governments black list yet?


Critics fear no-fly list will lead to abuse, profiling
Carly Weeks, CanWest News Service - May 12, 2007

OTTAWA - Canadian air travellers will face sweeping new security measures under a national no-fly list set to take effect next month.

Dubbed "Passenger Protect," the program aims to prevent people deemed an air-safety threat from boarding planes headed to, leaving from, or travelling within Canada.

Starting June 18, air carriers will begin checking passenger identification against a list of names of people considered a threat to aviation security. If a passenger's name appears on the no-fly list, provided by the federal government, the airline must check with Transport Canada to determine whether the passenger is actually the person flagged as a threat, and whether the individual can board the flight.

Months down the road, and they still want us to believe they were innocent little darlings who just couldn't quite handle the job.... Well that senario is certainly preferable to the truth that murderous parasites and fear mongers in both CSIS and the RCMP worked together to kill over 300 people, for the purpose of cashing in for more money and power....

Ask yourself this question: Has the government and the police increased they power and control as a result of terrorism or not? [Have a look at this page if you need more info]

Ah shucks.... it was all just a big misunderstanding. Give us a tonne of your money, more of your precious liberty, god-like power, and it will never happen again. Yeah right... RCMP drag up old friend to put in a bad word, so to speak.... What a joke.

Air India a 'disastrous' police failure - June 19/2007
Someone should have connected the dots, former senior Mountie says [Full Story]


Lets review some cold hard facts here, so we can do away with this lame, though admittedly more palatable to the public than the truth, 'we is just stupid dumb-ass cops' excuse.

This was the highest priority case in Canadian history, and only high ranking experienced and well trained investigators were in charge.

CSIS agents were ALL former RCMP members, and had worked [in some cases] for decades with other RCMP agents working on the Air India case.

Despite specious claims that it took too long for a wiretap warrant, Hundreds of hours of taped conversations of "high probative value were destroyed".... according to one of the still trustworthy RCMP officers, Inspector Bass.

CSIS admits to having a "mole" in close contact with the man they claim was the "leader" of the terror plot, and told him only days prior to the bombing to "get out" and that he "can't be seen to be involved".

CSIS AND the RCMP were told on at least two occasions of the exact weekend of the bombing, and reacted by telling the messenger to "mind their own business".... and even scheduled ALL bomb sniffing dogs to undergo a "training exercise" that very weekend. Read below for details....






STILL not convinced? Want even MORE evidence they INTENDED this to happen?


RCMP pulled bomb sniffing dog on DAY of bombing!!!! [<Click to download below Video]




'I did not have a chance to search that airplane,' ex-officer tells inquiry


A former police officer says he believes he could have found explosives on Flight 182, but the

plane had already left a Montreal airport by the time he arrived to check it, the Air India inquiry

heard Wednesday.


Serge Carignan — a former dog handler with Quebec's provincial police, the Sûreté du Québec

— told the inquiry in Ottawa that he was called to Mirabel airport on June 22, 1985, hours before

a bomb blew the flight out of the sky and killed 329 people.


Carignan said he was told officials needed help searching a plane and luggage, and that the

airport's regular RCMP explosives dog was out of the region on that date. By the time Carignan

arrived at the airport roughly 45 minutes later, the plane had already taken off, he told the inquiry.


Carignan said he didn't know why the plane departed before he got to the airport.



Ok, this is starting to get farcical now..... Brace yourself before you read this next headline!


All of Canada's bomb dogs were at training course when Air India plane exploded

Kim Bolan - Vancouver Sun, Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Every RCMP bomb-sniffing dog in Canada was in Vancouver at a special training session the weekend Air India Flight 182 was blown up by terrorists, the Air India inquiry heard Tuesday.

And there was no backup plan at Pearson International in Toronto to bring an explosives dog in from another agency on June 22, 1985, when the bomb-laden suitcase was placed aboard the Air India Boeing 747.

The security breach occurred even though Air India had been hit by months of threats of hijackings, bombings and sabotage, and after the RCMP had already determined a device the airline was using to check suitcases for explosives was useless.

"In retrospect that was an unfortunate set of circumstances that all bomb dogs for the RCMP would be in Vancouver at one particular time in June," retired RCMP superintendent Gary Clarke told the inquiry in Ottawa.

Clarke said Air India should have done more to screen luggage after its X-ray machine broke down that day before the Vancouver suitcase containing the bomb was loaded on the plane.

Instead, the airline brought in a hand-held wand called a PD-4 sniffer that the RCMP had already shown didn't work for detecting most explosives.

"I really think that perhaps Air India should have taken some other precautions to check the bags," Clarke said. "Hindsight is a wonderful teacher."

Staff Sgt. Gary Carlson, who is still with the RCMP in Vancouver, testified earlier Tuesday that he and his bomb dog, Thor, went to Vancouver on June 21, 1985 for a week-long course, even though heightened security on Air India meant a dog master was supposed to be on duty for the flights.

"Are you aware if there was any backup provision?" inquiry counsel Anil Kapoor asked.

Replied Carlson: "There was no other bomb dog in the region ... that was not a possibility."

Last week, a former Quebec police officer rocked the inquiry when he testified he was called to Mirabel to search the Air India plane hours before it exploded, but the flight departed 15 minutes before he got there.

Air India Flight 182 exploded off the coast of Ireland on June 23, 1985, killing all 329 aboard.

It was Carlson, then a young RCMP officer, who in January 1985 led two tests of the device being used by Air India to check suitcases.
"I had a vial of gunpowder that I brought to this test ... I placed it in the bottom of a garbage can and put the lid back on ... there was no reaction from the machine," Carlson testified.

He said that within the group there was "first shock -- oh my God -- what is this? And then general discussion that this machine wasn't detecting anything."

Carlson said he was so concerned about the ineffective equipment that he stressed to the Air India official present during the test to call him any time there was a suspicious bag or parcel.

"In all the time Air India came into Toronto, I did not receive a single call," he testified.

He said that even though there was no bomb dog at Pearson on June 22 when the doomed flight departed, there was a special team trained to search for bombs by hand. It was not called in by Air India.

Clarke defended the RCMP actions during the period of high tension before the bombing, saying that police did everything they could to keep the airline safe. But they were grappling with staffing shortages and internal disputes with Transport Canada over who would pay for the extra policing.

"There was no question in our mind that it was a dangerous situation," Clarke testified.

"It seemed at that time that they [threats] were almost on a daily basis ... It left no doubt in our mind that something was going to happen."

Ujjal Dosanjh, now the Liberal MP for Vancouver South, who warned authorities about the increasing threat level in April 1985, said Tuesday that the police just weren't "connecting the dots."

"I don't believe any of the officers who have been on the stand felt there was an urgency to this issue," Dosanjh said.

Two people who lost their families in the bombing travelled to Ottawa to listen to the testimony Tuesday.

"It's very painful to have to relive the day and the day after, that it was so close that it could have been avoided, so many places it could have been caught and it just filtered through," said Dr. Haran Radhakrishna, who lost his wife and children. "The people were just left unguarded."

Mahesh Sharma, of Montreal, also lost his wife and children, as well as his mother-in-law.

He said hearing so much devastating detail about what went wrong has made "life more difficult for us."

"It is very hard to live with this fact, that they had so much information and it never went through to save the airline."


Related coverage..


Lawyers claim CSIS knew of looming Air India bomb attack in 1985

......When news of the tragedy reached him, said Pinos, "I was greatly upset. I said: Holy expletive, they knew, they knew. I had a distinct impression that they knew something was going to happen."


It's not the first time the inquiry, headed by former Supreme Court justice John Major, has heard startling testimony about supposed advance knowledge of the threat posed by Canadian-based Sikh separatists who wanted to carve out a homeland in northern India.....


May 9, 2008 bomb threat reveals ordinary 'bomb threat' procedures were ignored in Air India case. (Remember, both the RCMP and CSIS both knew when the Air Indian flight was targeted.... and that their bomb detection sticks did not work. Do we have to draw a map for you here? You can figure this out yourself.. please keep reading.)


Bomb threat grounds Indian plane in T.O. - May 9/08
Minnion said it was clear early on that the threat was likely not credible, but that investigators still had to ground the flight and do a thorough investigation.

"These types of things are not exclusive to airplanes," he said, noting that schools have also been the recipients of bogus bomb threats that eat up police resources and create public anxiety.

"More often than not, they are not serious," Minnion said. "We have systems in place to deal with them." He could not say how many police officers were assigned to check out the bomb threat, or whether the caller claimed any motive for the alleged threat. Nor could he say how many similar threats -- if any -- had been received by Jet Airways or any other airline leaving Pearson in recent months.

Bomb threats to Indian companies operating in Canada -- particularly the government-owned Air India -- were routine during the mid-1980s, according to evidence presented at the recent Air India bombing inquiry in Ottawa. [full report]


Poll suggests nearly two thirds of Canadians have same intelligence as a potted plant.


Blaming CSIS - May 16/07

Poll suggests spy agency facing blame for Air India bombing

More than one-third of Canadians think Canada's spy agency and airport security are at least partly responsible for the 1985 Air India bombing that killed 329 people, a new survey shows.



Even we couldn't have said it better.... though we did say it a whole heck of alot SOONER!


'They knew, they knew!' May 18/07

Top CSIS official appeared aware of threat to flight: ex-prosecutors

The above May 18/2007 article (shown above seen in Victoria Times Colonist newspaper) has now been expunged from all originating Internet sites, so we've reproduced it here so you can read this vital material.


A top terrorism official with Canada's spy agency appeared to have prior knowledge of the June 23, 1985 Air India bombing that killed 329, two former Crown prosecutors told the inquiry looking into the disaster.

Both witnesses, who are no longer with government, testified Thursday that Mel Deschene, formerly of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, made cryptic comments to them during a trip to Los Angeles the week before the bombing for an unrelated terrorism case.

Graham Pinos said that Deschene, then CSIS director general of counter-terrorism, was chatting poolside at their Marina Del Rey hotel when he commented that the Sikh extremists in B.C. were so dangerous that he was afraid of a plane being taken out of the air.

Pinos, who was with the federal department of justice, said when he learned of the bombing about four days later, I was greatly upset. I said holy expletive they knew, they knew.

Former Ontario Crown Michael Anne MacDonald testified that Deschene told her about on either June 18 or 19, 1985 that he was leaving L.A. early because there was a problem with Sikh extremists in Vancouver.

I recall vividly and clearly the nature of the conversation, MacDonald told inquiry head John Major. I could not recall for the life of me his exact words.

She said when she heard Air India Flight 182 had exploded on June 23, she was extremely distressed over her earlier conversation with Deschene. My immediate reaction was even when they know something is going to happen, they can't stop it.

Hamilton resident Rob Alexander, who lost his father in the bombing, was in Ottawa to hear the dramatic testimony, which he called �shocking information.

It is quite upsetting to hear continually information . . . that the threats were known about prior to the bombing and something could have been done, Alexander said. This was definitely an avertable tragedy.

Macdonald, Pinos and other Canadian lawyers and law enforcement agents were in L.A. to take evidence in a case involving the shooting of a Turkish diplomat in Canada.

MacDonald was then on the International Terrorism Task Force.

She said the conversation with Deschene occurred in the lobby of the Marina Del Rey hotel likely on June 18, 1985, though she didn't remember the exact date.

She said she contacted the Air India inquiry after Ontario Lt. Gov. James Bartleman provided stunning testimony two weeks ago about seeing intelligence of a threat to the June 22-23 Air India flight.

Deschene, long since retired, is extremely fragile and ill and is unable to testify. But earlier CSIS memos entered into evidence quote him saying he did not leave L.A. suddenly nor did he have prior knowledge of the Air India plot.

There is no doubt Sikh extremism was becoming an increasing concern at that time, however there was no specific or immediate threat known to Mr. Deschene which required that he return to Ottawa earlier than expected, a secret CSIS letter to the RCMP, dated Dec. 5, 1988, says. His departure from Los Angeles was dictated solely by the fact that he was no longer required to remain at that point. In a jab at his colleagues in another document, Deschene said he had no reason to stay and didn't want to attend a social event with the others.

It is also very possible that I may have invoked a work-related pretext to explain my departure to those who opted for the California sun, he said.

Pinos admitted under cross-examination that Deschene never specifically said there was going to be a bombing.

I put two and two together and I got four. There was no doubt in my mind that Deschene knew, Pinos said.

The inquiry was told the Pinos did not relay Deschene's comments about the plane when he was interviewed by two prosecutors and a member of the RCMP's Air India Task Force in 2002.

The week before the Air India bombing, CSIS was following plot mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar as he met with other suspects. The surveillance was called off on June 21, the day before the two bombs were loaded at Vancouver International airport and tagged for two Air India flights heading in opposite directions around the globe.

Deschene wrote a memo about Sikh extremism dated June 20, 1985, much of which is blacked out in the exhibits entered at the inquiry.

In it, he refered to Parmar and his close consort Ajaib Singh Bagri, who was charged and acquitted in the bombing, making speeches about killing 50,000 Hindus to retaliate against the government of India for its June 1984 attack on the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

Lawyer Norm Boxall, who is representing the Air India victims families, said the testimony Thursday was just more evidence that not enough was done to prevent what CSIS saw as a deadly threat.

It certainly seemed to confirm that CSIS was aware of the seriousness of the threat and that something might happen very soon and it might be to a plane, Boxall said.




So now you know the big mystery: CSIS had a man on the inside steering the whole operation, and planned to pull him out at the last minute, destroy all the evidence of his direct involvement, and parade their patsy before the cameras, as they taunted the public to give them more police state powers and resources - all in the name of "public safety".


Naturally, like most of these types of false flag terrorist events, the truth [at least in part] eventually comes out - despite their advantage of hiding their activities behind "national security" firewalls, and secret fraternal brotherhoods.


We still don't know the whole picture, but we definitely know they wanted this Air India plane to blow up, and kill over 300 men, women and children so as to "justify" their increased dominance over our precious freedoms. Even just knowing a crime is going to take place, and helping or covering it up makes them as legally guilty as if they had planted the bomb themselves. They took steps to make it happen, and then they took steps to cover it up... even during the enquiry.


Maybe now that billion dollar gun registry is making a bit more sense to you? Starting to figure out where they are planning to take that, are you?


The question now is, what are YOU and the rest of the Canadian public going to do about this? Are you going to keep sending your tax dollars to known murders, and the people that steal your liberty with false flag terrorism? Are you going to defend our Canadian way of life, and our commitment to justice? The power of change is in your hands.... the government has no desire to fix this problem..... they are the problem.


So this massive story make the third page of the papers at least, but some of the media seemingly didn't seem to think it terribly important that those we give Billions to in an effort to allegedly stop terrorism, would actually be making sure they were successful at it. No, here is what were the top stories they thought we'd find more interesting.... Below are the first four stories presented on CTV on the same day as the above "they knew, they knew" story broke.




Well as we update this page, as of June 20/2007, things are really heating up in the spy world it seems.


Now we have people being threatened by CSIS agents before they appear at the resumption of the Air India inquiry. No doubt some of the other testimony showing CSIS knew all along has really got them running like scared little rabbits. Have a look at the latest flap, which again received little if any coverage in the TV news media.



Air India testimony grinds to a halt
One witness is taken to hospital - others refuse to talk

June 20, 2007 - CBC News

The Air India inquiry took a startling turn on Wednesday after one potential witness reportedly suffered a heart attack and others refused to testify, saying they feared for their safety.

The man who suffered heart problems was taken to hospital, but there was no other information available on his condition.

Former Supreme Court justice John Major hoped to get more information from the mystery witnesses by going behind closed doors, but he said even then they wouldn't talk.

Major said the problem is that he couldn't guarantee the level of confidentiality they're seeking.

"All in all, it leaves the witnesses apprehensive of their safety and that of others if they testify, even at an in-camera hearing, and I can do nothing to pursuade them that is not the case," Major said.

But Major said he simply wasn't in a position to give anyone an iron-clad guarantee that their identities will never be revealed if they testify. [Full Story]


Have a look at this CanWest article describing the same story. They note that the "two mystery witnesses" have evidence they described as earth shaking, or "seismic". What do you suppose this "new earth shaking evidence" could possibly be?


We already know the identity of the lead bombers that were both let go, thanks to CSIS destroying key evidence, and certainly they are not looking for anyone. So think for a moment just what additional evidence would be so profound that the witnesses refuse to testify if their identities are released? Who do you think has that kind of power and influence to intimidate these witnesses? If these two witnesses had evidence that would lead to an arrest of any suspect in a major crime, they would have been compelled by the court to testify, or they would be arrested for obstruction of justice. But the best clue of all is the key phrase "backed out at the last minute" after VOLUNTEERING to testify.... revealing that this "concern for personal safety" occurred SHORTLY BEFORE they were already committed to testify.


We suggest to you that all this evidence fits the pattern that has been strongly alluded to from the beginning, and has now taken shape. CSIS was most certainly a silent partner in the Air India terrorist bombing: they helped the bombers plan and construct a bomb; they helped the bombers pick the weekend when CSIS and the RCMP had made plans for EVERY bomb sniffing dog to be out of circulation at that critical moment; and they inexplicably destroyed hundreds of hours of key evidence to cover their tracks, after they were successful, and are now setting about to intimidate those few witnesses that can possibly attest to their direct involvement.


Note also that one witness who was still willing to testify had a heart attack the night before he was scheduled to testify. This is either a remarkable coincidence, or evidence of the sophistication of tools available to the party that is worried about what this person has to say. Many drugs can be used to trigger a heart attack, but who has the skill and resources to carry out such 'cloak and dagger' spy games? Who do you think blanked out all those pages of "declassified" government documents under a "national security" firewall?


This is the only scenario that fits EACH of the pieces of evidence so far made available to us.


Two mystery witnesses balk at Air India testimony
'Seismic' evidence leaves hardly a tremor at inquiry
Kim Bolan, CanWest News Service - June 21, 2007
OTTAWA -- Two mystery witnesses billed as having "seismic" evidence for the Air India inquiry backed out at the last minute yesterday, fearing for their safety.

And in another major development, a third surprise witness was unable to appear because of a heart attack that put him in hospital Tuesday night.

Air India inquiry commissioner John Major said he had hoped to at least hear the testimony of the witnesses in camera before deciding how their evidence could become part of the public record at the inquiry into the June 1985 terrorist bombings that killed 331.

But Major said he could not offer guarantees to the witnesses that their identities would remain secret and they were reluctant to talk even behind closed doors.

"The witnesses are apprehensive that the evidence they give, which may endanger them or others, may be subjected to scrutiny through a variety of means. We can't assure them of confidentiality. The press has the ability to apply for access to information ... there are possibilities of court applications," he said.

"All in all, it leaves the witnesses apprehensive of their safety and others if they testify even at an in-camera hearing."

Major's staff had called reporters across the country Tuesday to encourage them to attend the hearing in person because of the startling nature of the expected evidence.

Instead, the inquiry, which has already heard from 113 witnesses over 44 days, fizzled out as it adjourned until September.

Amarjit Bhinder, who lost her pilot husband when Air India Flight 182 went down, said she had been looking forward to the evidence given the emphasis that had been placed on it.

"We are very, very disappointed. It is very disheartening. We had no clue who was coming and what kind of testimony it was going to be," said Bhinder, who travelled from India to attend the inquiry this week.

Lead inquiry lawyer Mark Freiman suggested outside the hearing that it would have been inappropriate to issue subpoenas to the witnesses, who had originally approached the commission voluntarily.



Police agencies, and those that have as their primary function, the collection of EVIDENCE as a means to ENFORCE the law, in fact have document RETENTION policies; yet these murdering parasites think so little of your intelligence, that they think you will fall for the big lie [repeated endlessly] that they in fact routinely destroy the evidence they collect - even when the evidence is part of the largest mass murder and act of terror IN CANADIAN HISTORY. If you really believe this, we have some lovely waterfront we'd like to sell you. Please keep reading.... and note that CSIS not only destroyed vital evidence, they refused to even share it with the RCMP who were obviously out of the loop or trusted "inner circle" of conspirators.

Air India inquiry commissioner John Major adjourned the proceedings until September after deciding he would not hear in-camera testimony from unknown witnesses because he could not protect them from harm. Photograph by : Rod MacIvor, CanWest News Service

and after an inexplicable recess in one of Canada's most vital inquiries.... the games once again begin.

Feuding dominates Air India inquiry
RCMP vs. CSIS. Spy agency blamed for loss of key material
KIM BOLAN, CanWest News Service - September 18, 2007

Two former RCMP officers told the Air India inquiry yesterday Canada's spy agency had pledged full co-operation in their criminal probe of the deadly June 23, 1985, bombing.

But, despite meetings after which the RCMP believed vital evidence would be retained, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service destroyed dozens of tapes it made of telephone calls between bombing mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar and other suspects as the plot was hatched.

The controversial tape destruction and inter-agency feuding dominated the inquiry yesterday when it resumed after a three-month summer recess.

CSIS has been widely criticized for the erasures by senior RCMP officials and victims' families.

Former RCMP superintendent Lyman Henschel testified yesterday he met with the spy agency's B.C. director Randy Claxton just four days after the bombing and was reassured that all crucial evidence would be turned over.

"I had left those discussions with a high opinion of Mr. Claxton, which moved me in the direction of trust," Henschel told inquiry commissioner John Major.

"At the time I didn't see any reason to distrust CSIS."

Henschel said he was not told that CSIS, then less than a year old, had been wiretapping the No. 1 suspect in Canada's biggest mass murder.

He was shown cryptic references to the wiretaps as "sensitive installations" in just declassified documents.

"In my view any intercept activity on a prime suspect in a crime should probably result in a decision to retain all tapes, all material," Henschel said.

[and what if that "crime" was one of the largest in our history, and had not been resolved? Need any more clues as to why it was in fact deliberately destroyed? ]

Former Mountie Mike Roth, who was the RCMP liaison officer to CSIS at the time, said he was also unaware until July 24, 1985, that CSIS had been wiretapping Parmar, the founder of the terrorist group Babbar Khalsa and then a Burnaby resident.

Roth said had he known of the existence of the Parmar intercepts early on: "We may have been able to do more to stop the destruction of the tapes."

CSIS was so protective of its material it would not even photocopy translator notes of the tapes for the RCMP.
CSIS has not yet testified about the tape erasures; statements previously given by Claxton to police were entered into evidence yesterday.

[Let us guess the reasons they'll try to sell the Canadian sheeple: We didn't mean to do it.... please give us more of your money and freedom and it won't happen again.]

"At no time did I receive a direct request from the RCMP to preserve all/any CSIS tapes, or in fact draw any inference that I was expected to," Claxton, who is now too sick to testify, said in 1989.

[Would it really be necessary to tell a police officer, much less a director, to preserve evidence in an unsolved mass murder case involving the deaths of over 300 people? How stupid do these people think the public is? Even IF it was possible to "accidentally" destroy such sensitive evidence, are we to believe they didn't have several backup files of this material?

Now we are supposed to believe that material 'too sensitive' for the RCMP to have **copies of**, was somehow given into the hands of "inexperienced junior officers" who.... whoops... oh dear..... "were simply following orders" when they destroyed evidence relating to the number ONE suspect in Canada's worst ever case of terrorism?

The only shock that is bigger than them peddling this obvious lie, is that some Canadians actually appear to be buying it.]

"Any such request would have been immediately directed to the CSIS headquarters, Counter Terrorism policy centre.

"One must remember that B.C. region was not operating the Parmar intercept with a view to collect and maintain evidence for subsequent presentation in court."

[Right... So they were "collecting" it for their own private enjoyment?]

Henschel said CSIS should not have been deciding on its own what material would have been useful to the criminal case.

"That process is normally left to the investigative team who have full knowledge of the intricacies of the investigation and can make that determination most intelligently," he said.

Related: RCMP unit looking into death of Robert Dziekanski fails to secure original video tape of incident.

Now have a look at the following video confirming the big lie CSIS expects us to believe. Notice the "new" director has to make the comment that there was "no nefarious reason" why this vital info, on the number one suspect, was destroyed by Canada's specially created "anti-terror" unit.... involved in their biggest case!!!!  [Don't lose sight of the big picture we've tried to expose on this page, should you have even the slightest doubt they are lying through their damned teeth.]


CSIS concealed vial Air India evidence, says Mountie
Ex-Mounties criticize spy agency for failure to share vital evidence in probe
Kim Bolan - CanWest News Service, September 18, 2007

OTTAWA -- Two former RCMP officers told the Air India inquiry yesterday that Canada's spy agency had pledged full co-operation in their criminal probe of the deadly June 23, 1985, bombing.

But, despite meetings after which the RCMP believed vital evidence would be retained, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service destroyed dozens of tapes it made of telephone calls between bombing mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar and other suspects as the plot was hatched.

The controversial tape destruction and inter-agency feuding dominated the inquiry yesterday when it resumed after a three-month summer recess.

CSIS has been widely criticized for the erasures by senior RCMP officials and victims' families.

Former RCMP Supt. Lyman Henschel testified yesterday that he met with the spy agency's B.C. director Randy Claxton just four days after the bombing and was reassured that all crucial evidence would be turned over.

[In other words, there was a formal request, for key documents, in the pipeline]

"I had left those discussions with a high opinion of Mr. Claxton which moved me in the direction of trust," Henschel told inquiry commissioner John Major.
"At the time I didn't see any reason to distrust CSIS."

Henschel said he was not told that CSIS, then less than a year old, had been wiretapping the No. 1 suspect in Canada's biggest mass murder.

He was shown cryptic references to the wiretaps as "sensitive installations" in just declassified documents.

"In my view any intercept activity on a prime suspect in a crime should probably result in a decision to retain all tapes, all material," Henschel said.

Former Mountie Mike Roth, who was the RCMP liaison officer to CSIS at the time, said he was also unaware until July 24, 1985, that CSIS had been wiretapping Parmar, the founder of the terrorist group Babbar Khalsa and then a Burnaby resident.

Roth said had he known of the existence of the Parmar intercepts early on: "We may have been able to do more to stop the destruction of the tapes."

CSIS was so protective of its material that it would not even photocopy translator notes of the tapes for the RCMP.

[Key to the successful execution of false flag terror by government agents is "compartmentalization" to only those trusted members in the loop.]

Earlier yesterday, families of the Air India victims recommended that the government development a comprehensive response plan to help Canadians in the event of future terrorist attacks.

Lawyer Jacques Shore said victim testimony from the first phase of the Air India inquiry proves that the Canadian government completely failed to provide assistance and support to the families when the plane exploded off the coast of Ireland in June 1985.

"The sentiment [is] that the Canadian government's response was woefully inadequate to the victims," Shore said.

Shore said that if there is another attack, the government should send a rapid deployment team with appropriate resources and expertise in grief counselling. And he said more effective communication with families has to be established through a 1-800 telephone number, an Internet website and multi-media news releases.

CSIS has not yet testified about the tape erasures; statements previously given by Claxton to police were entered into evidence yesterday. "At no time did I receive a direct request from the RCMP to preserve all/any CSIS tapes, or in fact draw any inference that I was expected to," Claxton, who is now too sick to testify, said in 1989.

They want you to believe it was "policy to destroy" vital evidence that was so sensitive they didn't even want to share it with the RCMP, but say nobody actually gave any order to destroy it. Can you say "covering your backside"? What about the backup copies? Anyone who's ever worked in government knows that documents are backed up either on micro fiche, hardcopy or electronic tape backup. Tapes are routinely sent to specialized departments for the purpose of making transcripts, so the material can be assessed by the team assigned to the investigation.

Former Canadian Security Intelligence Service stooge James Warren. Would you buy a used car from this person?

Air India tape destruction just policy, says ex-spymaster
Air India wiretaps innocently erased, inquiry told
Kim Bolan, CanWest News Service - September 20, 2007

OTTAWA -- A former top official with Canada's spy agency says he regrets that critical wiretaps of Air India suspects were erased in 1985, igniting more than two decades of controversy.

But James Warren, who retired as deputy director of Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told the Air India inquiry yesterday that the tapes were innocently erased according to policy without verbatim transcripts ever being made.

"I wish dearly that they had not been destroyed. I think we all wish that they had survived for whatever value they might have had," Warren told commissioner John Major.

"It was oversight. Why it happened I don't know. Nobody gave the order."

He said the fledgling agency was keenly aware that it had been formed to distance intelligence gathering from active police work after a royal commission earlier made the recommendation.

"We were not in the business of collecting evidence. That was the role of the police," Warren said. "We drummed it into our people: 'You may have joined a police force, but as of July 16, 1984, you collect intelligence.'"

[So collecting "intelligence" doesn't involve collecting evidence? TILT!]

But he also said that some of the bugged telephone calls of Air India mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar may appear sinister in hindsight but were written off as innocent conversations at the time.

"There was not a smoking gun sitting there in the pile waiting to be listened to," he said.

[Sure there was... But more importantly, there was evidence linking CSIS to foreknowledge and/or planning of the bombing. Witness the scheduling of ALL bomb sniffing dogs to a "training exercise" on the very weekend they knew the attack would take place.]

All but 54 of the 210 tapes made of Parmar's calls both before and after the June 23, 1985, crash were destroyed by junior personnel following a "default" policy, Warren said.

While Parmar and others were very aware they were being watched and wiretapped, some of the calls should have raised suspicions, Major was told.

Just before the bombing, Parmar asked suspect Hardial Singh Johal if he had "written the article" and he asked his younger brother "if the work had been done."

There was a more ominous call in April 1985 when Parmar appeared to discuss with a German contact a plot to kill Rajiv Gandhi, which the RCMP later described as "a paradigm of significant subversive activity."

But Warren said nothing heard on the any of the tapes directly related to the Air India bombing.

"There was no one in the service who thought this would lead to a plane being blown out of the sky," Warren said. "Sometimes in intelligence there actually is an innocent explanation for things."

[Maybe, but not this time. If the tapes didn't have any incriminating evidence against CSIS, they would have been copied and turned over to the RCMP as a routine action.]

He conceded under cross-examination that the call about killing Gandhi should have raised some suspicions and triggered a response more than two months before Air India Flight 182 was destroyed and 329 died.

"It looks to me as the kind of thing I would have kept," he testified. "I don't know what was going through the minds of the people there at the time."

Warren was assigned in March 1986 to deal with the fallout of the tape erasure that a former B.C. prosecutor says left a hole in his evidence against Parmar and other key suspects.

Even without the tapes, Jardine managed to get a conviction against Inderjit Singh Reyat back in 1991 in the related June 1985 bombing at Tokyo's Narita airport. Reyat later pleaded guilty to playing a role in the Air India bombing.

But in 2005, another B.C. Supreme Court judge acquitted two other accused -- Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri -- and ruled the tape erasure violated Bagri's rights.


Ok, so we know AT A MINIMUM that select members of CSIS, and perhaps to a lesser extent the RCMP, were actively involved in allowing the Air India bombing to go forward, and took active steps to make sure it did, and then took further steps to cover their tracks. About the only question we don't know for sure is if any high ranking members of the government itself were aware of the plot. Perhaps this next story points us in the right direction at least.

Bare in mind that this is the BIGGEST criminal investigation in recent Canadian history, and involved a new and highly secretive, highly trained branch of former RCMP terrorist investigators, set up specifically to [we were lead to believe] thwart terrorism. So naturally the government [an honest one at least] would have a great interest in making sure of the effectiveness of the group. Rooting out any weak links would naturally be a priority, what with all the billions of tax payers dollars going into something hardly ever needed in Canada - wouldn't it?


Federal government shot down call for Air India inquiry in 1989: lawyer
Kim Bolan, CanWest News Service - September 21, 2007

OTTAWA -- The watchdog monitoring Canada's spy service wanted to hold an inquiry in 1989 into the agency's conduct in the Air India bombing, but was shut down by the federal government.

Ron Atkey, a prominent lawyer who chaired the Security Intelligence Review Committee, revealed at the Air India inquiry yesterday he wanted major concerns about CSIS such as tape erasures to be investigated.

But Atkey said the government was not in favour of the inquiry because of the ongoing Air India criminal case as well as an unfolding lawsuit by victims' families.

"The committee wanted to look at the overall performance of CSIS at the time," Atkey explained.

As early as January 1988, SIRC was drafting rules to hold an inquiry into how the Air India bombing took place despite the fact that CSIS had been following some of the key suspects beforehand.

But by January 1989, top officials within the solicitor general's office drafted several letters urging SIRC not to proceed until after one of the accused, Inderjit Singh Reyat, stood trial in a related bombing.

"It's a sobering experience when the deputy attorney general comes to you and says, 'Speaking on behalf of the government of Canada, including the commissioner of the RCMP, we don't think you should undertake this inquiry at this time for this and this reason,' " said Atkey, a former MP and federal immigration minister. Atkey said another reason given by government officials was the civil suit filed by victims' families that had not been completed in 1989.

If too much information was disclosed publicly through an inquiry, "it might cost the government more money," Atkey said.

That public revelation outraged Norm Boxall, a lawyer for the Air India victims' families.

Afterward, he said it is shocking if the government delayed having an inquiry to limit the cash settlements paid to suffering families.

"It is shameful that they would have declined to have a public inquiry because the truth might come out and assist the families in their civil litigation," he said.

Atkey said he "reluctantly" agreed that an inquiry should not be held because SIRC did not want to be responsible for affecting the criminal case into the June 23, 1985, bombing, which still ranks as Canada's worst mass murder.

All week, Air India Commissioner John Major has heard testimony about the controversial destruction by CSIS of wiretaps of key Air India suspects made both before and after the bombing.

RCMP witnesses and former Crown prosecutor Jim Jardine said the tape erasures hampered the criminal case and violated an agreement to preserve evidence that they felt they had with CSIS.

This lack of action, or attempt at a cover-up, is typical of the same reaction received when it was brought to the attention of the Prime Ministers office, that passports were being traded for drugs in order to allow Hong Kong drug dealers into Canada.  ARE YOU STARTING TO GET THE PICTURE YET?!

Here we go again.....

Yet more evidence of CSIS deliberately taken active steps to protect terrorism. It seems they also blocked an investigation just 19 days before the bombing, that involved the Air India bombing suspects....

Co-operation would have helped catch Air India's Mr. X, RCMP witness says
Kim Bolan CanWest News Service - December 03, 2007

Charges could have been laid in the June 1985 Air India bombing shortly after it happened if Canada's spy agency had been more co-operative with police, a senior RCMP officer said Monday.

Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass told the Air India inquiry that he still believes what he wrote in a February 1996 memo about CSIS conduct at the time and the erasure of wiretaps of telephone calls made by bombing mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar.

"Had CSIS co-operated fully from June 23 onward, this case would have been solved at that time," Bass said in the memo after he took over the Air India case.

"There is a strong likelihood that had CSIS retained the tapes between March and August 1985 that a successful prosecution against at least some of the principals in both bombings could have been undertaken."

Bass also told inquiry Commissioner John Major that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service asked the RCMP not to follow up on what was thought to be a gunshot in the woods involving Air India suspects just 19 days before the bombing.

Bass said he still feels there was a missed opportunity to identify a mystery man involved in the June 4, 1985, incident who is believed to be at the heart of the bombing conspiracy.

This "mystery man" is of course at least one of the CSIS agents who was working with CSIS to make sure the bombing was a "success".

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass

The man, dubbed Mr. X, accompanied bombing mastermind Talwinder Singh Parmar and Inderjit Singh Reyat to a forested area outside Duncan while CSIS agents were following.

The agents heard a loud noise that they mistakenly identified as a gunshot. It was later learned that it was a test bombing.

Bass said that while CSIS passed on the information about the noise the very next day, it was with the caveat that police were not supposed to act.

"The RCMP were asked not to do anything with it. The RCMP were asked to treat it as secret," Bass testified.

Mr. X remained on Vancouver Island with Reyat for several days, while Parmar returned to Vancouver alone.

Bass said more should have been done to follow up, but that CSIS had mistakenly believed that Parmar and his associates were plotting to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi later in June.

"I am not pointing a finger at CSIS on this issue. I am saying there was a real missed opportunity here that we are still chasing 22 years earlier where we might have identified him during that week. Because the theory is right or wrong that he helped create those bombs," Bass said.

 "The part that I wonder about - quite a lot actually - is how things would have turned out differently with respect to identifying this individual. He was there for a week at Reyat's house."

Bass also revealed that the search for Mr. X is now a significant part of the ongoing Air India criminal probe.

"It is a very active part of the investigation," Bass testified.

Bass, who came to B.C. to head E Division's major crime section in 1995, is largely credited with ramping up the stalled Air India investigation.

He described to Major how a team from his office reviewed the entire Air India file and then came up with a strategy on how to prepare a case for prosecution despite difficult odds.

Bass had hoped to use the transcriber notes from the erased CSIS Parmar tapes before the bombing to prove a conspiracy.

But his 1996 written assessment laid out some of the problems he expected to encounter in a prosecution.

"Thousands of pages of memos and telexes wherein our Force and CSIS argue over release of information between 1985 and 1990 will not be protected," Bass said.

He said that a 1992 report by the Security Intelligence Review Committee suggesting the RCMP and CSIS agreed there was nothing important on the tapes would be exposed for its "gross inaccuracy."

 "If, in fact, someone in the RCMP made statements there were no intercepts of evidentiary value, they are clearly wrong," Bass commented in his memo. "If the RCMP did not make that statement, other concerns are raised."

Bass also predicted at the time that defence lawyers could raise the tape erasures as a violation of their clients' rights.

Which is precisely why they wouldn't have done it as a normal course of investigative police action. Rather, it was a deliberate attempt to cover-up CSIS's direct involvement and participation in Canada's worst act of terrorism. Amazingly, in spite of all these revelations, it appears they will still get away with this horrific crime - given the blind trust and wilful ignorance of a large portion of the Canadian public.

In fact, during the eventual Air India trial, one of the accused, Ajaib Singh Bagri, successfully made that argument, Bass testified.

Both Bagri and Ripudaman Singh Malik were acquitted in March 2005 of conspiring to commit the unprecedented mass murder.

Those acquittals led the federal government to finally call a judicial inquiry that is expected to complete hearing evidence next week.

This below article (published twice) is curious in light of the tape erasure excuses.... Seems the RCMP and CSIS likes to keep all kinds of data. Even the stuff they are not supposed to keep.


Canada's privacy watchdog raps RCMP handling of data banks - Norma Greenaway,

Canwest News Service, February 13, 2008 [Alternate link to above story if needed]


RCMP handling of data rapped - Canwest News Service, February 14, 2008
OTTAWA -- Canada's privacy chief, Jennifer Stoddart, says the RCMP is abusing its right to keep some information on individual Canadians exempt from public access by keeping too many files secret for too long. Stoddart said an audit of two data banks kept by the RCMP -- both of which are exempt from certain provisions in the Privacy Act -- uncovered a "disturbing" pattern of neglect in cleaning out files. [full report]

Below stories were attacked to above on Canada.com website.

See also. CSIS destroying liberty.


Not that we need any more evidence to convict the RCMP and CSIS of terrorism, but it is worth noting their actions in the following.... 

RCMP bombed oil site in 'dirty tricks' campaign
Last Updated: Friday, November 10, 2000 | 11:53 PM ET
CBC News

The Mounties bombed an oil installation as part of a dirty tricks campaign in their investigation into sabotage in the Alberta's oil patch.

The revelation came at the bail hearing Thursday of two farmers who the Crown says have turned their complaints that oil industry pollution is making their families ill into acts of vandalism and mischief.

Their lawyer produced evidence that the RCMP bombed a wellsite and that they did it with the full support of the energy company that owned it. The Crown admits the allegations are true.

The police have been under pressure from the industry and the government to put an end to two years of attacks which have caused millions of dollars in damage.

Lawyer Richard Secord told Court of Queen's Bench that when Alberta Energy Co. and police blew up an AEC shed last Oct. 14, they blamed it on his client, farmer Wiebo Ludwig.

Secord also claims AEC offered to buy a neighbour's property for $109,000 if he gave them information about Ludwig.

Ludwig and Richard Boonstra face nine charges involving vandalism at energy installations.

They were denied bail.



Suspect in bomb plot denied guilt in 1992 - Sept 26/07


Air India probe ground to a halt by late '80s - Dec 5/07

He (retired RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Solvason) said he finally requested a transfer because he felt harassed by his supervisor who rejected all of his suggestions about how to advance the criminal investigation into the June 23, 1985 bombing that left 329 dead.


Flashback: Other related evidence of Canadian "Intelligence" Service involvement and cover

up in Air India bombing.


Monday, February 19, 2007, Jim Bronskill - The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — An RCMP inspector warned just weeks before Air India Flight 182 blew up that the Mounties had received “specific intelligence” warranting protection of all the airline’s flights to and from Canada.

The information is just one nugget among many buried in thousands of heavily edited pages of material soon to be tabled with the inquiry into the June 1985 disaster, making it difficult to determine how the new facts fit into the confounding Air India puzzle.

The inquiry allowed journalists a brief look Monday at a sampling of 42 binders of letters, memos and reports spanning more than two decades. Many of the pages, including some entire documents, were censored by government officials.

Former Supreme Court judge John Major, who is leading the inquiry, says he may have to abandon the task unless more of the documentation is made public.

Still, some new elements emerged from the fragmentary records.

An RCMP chronology of threat assessments prepared by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says several meetings were held from May 26 to 31, 1985, involving representatives of Air India, Transport Canada and the Mounties.

The meetings “did not convince Transport Canada that a serious threat existed” warranting RCMP involvement, the chronology says.

Insp. H. G. Clarke of the RCMP’s Protective Policing Branch, however, insisted that “specific intelligence was received by the RCMP which indicated that special security precautions should be taken on all Air India flights to and from Canada.”

The chronology suggests police were indeed provided weekly throughout June for the airline’s flights from Canada to India. But the efforts were not enough to prevent the worst terrorist act in Canadian history.

[Not enough, because they planned for the bombing to go forward, so as to increase their grip on power, and greatly expand their budgets.

Now they are even using this tragedy to violate the very foundations of our liberty and Constitutional RIGHTS. No wonder they heavily censored the documents! No wonder they consider this a matter of "national security" . If the public discover this truth, they are in deep deep trouble.]

A Boeing 747 carrying 329 passengers, including many Canadians of Indian descent, was en route to New Delhi when it blew apart off the coast of Ireland on June 23, 1985.

Police have long believed Air India Flight 182 was destroyed by Sikh extremists who seethed with anger at the Indian government.

The federal inquiry is examining whether there was adequate assessment of the terrorist threat, the relationship between the RCMP and CSIS, and issues related to Canadian aviation security.

A CSIS summary prepared for an earlier probe led by former Ontario premier Bob Rae says that from June 3 to 23, 1985, the intelligence service issued three threat assessments, two of which specifically involved threats to Air India.

“None of these assessments pointed to a specific threat to Flight 182,” says the summary, which was among the many new documents previewed Monday. “The Service simply did not have intelligence at hand that pointed to that flight.”

[Their CSIS mole would certainly have known. - and the CSIS report tells us, rather curiously, that he was in fact too close. Their exact words were given as the following:

 "They told him to get out of there. Things are happening and you can't be seen as part of that."

In any event, they had more than enough info to make arrests and stop the bombing. Threat reports made about specific airlines are not made out of thin air. They clearly knew what was taking shape, and that is why they pulled their "mole" out at the last moment.]

Allied intelligence services had tipped CSIS to “possible threats to Air India,” the summary says. In addition, the Indian government had put pressure on Ottawa to increase security for its diplomatic missions and personnel in Canada.

[Well this is interesting. Now they are telling us that so much info was available, that other governments and their intelligence agencies where also briefing CSIS about a threat specific "to Air India".]

“That said, the fact that the Government of India issued so many warnings to so many departments and agencies in Canada, generated that sense among recipients that they were exaggerating the threat,” the CSIS summary adds.

[So what is it that these people get billions of dollars for again? They had a mole deep inside the group that made the bombs, yet we are supposed to believe they were bored and unconvinced about those specific plans FROM SEVERAL SOURCES, to (hello) BLOW UP A COMMERCIAL AIRLINER. Who do they think they are kidding??]

The document also says:

— At the time of the bombings, CSIS had no human sources in British Columbia — where the plot took shape — reporting on Sikh extremism.

— Surjan Singh Gill, rumoured to be an intelligence mole in the bomb plot, “was never a source for the Service.”

[Come on. What was the mole doing then, powdering their donuts? Why all the censored material? Why did CSIS actually DESTROY KEY EVIDENCE that one RCMP officer said was of "high probative value"? Can you say covering their a##?]

— CSIS has retained more than 150,000 documents “pertaining to persons suspected of involvement in the incidents.”

The complex RCMP investigation of the bombing was hampered by turf wars between the Mounties and the newly formed CSIS.

[Oh give us a break!!! What they really mean is that CSIS black op controllers were trying to hide their involvement from honest members of the RCMP. The only ways in which these false flag ops are successfully accomplished is through heavy compartmentalization. This is the reason that "turf wars" developed - they had dark secrets to cover up from members out of the inner loop. Anyone will tell you that one of the chief qualities of any potential candidate for police officer is the need to be a team player, so wars only develop in environments where secrets are necessary. This is practically an open confession that criminal activities were being conducted and supervised at the HIGHEST LEVELS.]

Investigators also faced difficulties retrieving wreckage from the ocean floor and challenges persuading frightened witnesses to come forward.

CSIS sparked additional concerns by erasing numerous audio tapes, including telephone intercepts of the now-deceased Talwinder Singh Parmar, the suspected leader of the bomb plot.

[Ah HELLO folks.... Do you really need to be smacked in the head with a clue-by-four? Surely you can fit these pieces together now?]

In addition, the CSIS summary notes, a backlog of as many as 85 tapes of telephone intercepts on the Parmar residence were not reviewed until after the bombing.

[Yeah, that sounds like they were really concerned for the welfare of Canadians, doesn't it? So how do you feel about giving these individuals more of your money, and letting them walk over your right to presumption of innocence, and decide on their own whether or not you may be, a terrorist, without any evidence?]


Ex-PM sought support of terrorist group - February 20, 2007

Paul Martin speaks to a meeting of the International Sikh Youth Federation in March 1990.


» Watch the exclusive video




Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun
Paul Martin solicited the support of the terrorist International Sikh Youth Federation in his failed bid for the federal Liberal leadership in 1990, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Martin made an impassioned speech to the ISYF's national convention in which he said he was honoured to "meet friends who share the same belief in this country, the same belief in peace, the same preparedness to defend themselves."

At the time of Martin's spring 1990 speech, the ISYF had already been identified as a terrorist group by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Four in the group had been convicted in B.C. of the attempted assassination of a visiting Indian politician. Other B.C. members had met with a young would-be assassin who shot newspaper publisher Tara Singh Hayer in 1988.

The Martin speech came two years after then Conservative external affairs minister Joe Clark warned Canadian politicians to steer clear of the federation, the Babbar Khalsa and the World Sikh Organization because of terrorist links. The ISYF was banned in Canada in June 2003 by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien.

Liberal MLA Dave Hayer, whose father Tara was assassinated in 1998, was shown a video copy of Martin's speech by The Sun.

Hayer said he was disturbed to see a future prime minister standing in front of a banner of a terrorist organization.

"When you start going to some groups that are involved in terrorism, people think you are endorsing that group's beliefs," Hayer said. "We as politicians have to be careful not to look like we are supporting extremist views."

Hayer said witnesses have been reluctant for years to come forward in cases like the 1985 Air India bombing and his father's murder because they see how closely suspects are aligned with politicians of all stripes.

"It is difficult to find witnesses when suspects have very close connections with politicians," Hayer said. "It sends the wrong message."

Martin said in the 1990 speech: "I want to tell you what a great honour it is for me to have the opportunity to come and speak to you on this the fifth annual meeting of the International Sikh Youth Federation."

He pledged to take up the issue of human rights abuses in Punjab, as well as to establish a visa office there.

Martin was flanked at the ISYF convention by Albina Guarnieri and Maurizio Bevilacqua, who encouraged delegates to support Martin and the Liberal party.

"We now in the Liberal party are in the process of choosing a new leader and on behalf of Paul Martin and myself, I thank you all for your friendship and your trust and your support," Guarnieri said.

Bevilacqua also praised convention delegates saying: "What I really admire about your community is that you fight for the things you believe in."

Martin, Guarnieri and Bevilacqua are still members of the Liberal caucus, which has taken a position against extending part of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which the RCMP is using to advance the Air India investigation. The Liberals claim concern for civil liberties in supporting the expiry of certain provisions of the act.

After the Liberals spoke at the convention, an ISYF leader explained in Punjabi how it was important to have politicians on side "to reach our target faster." Repeated references to fighting for Khalistan were made by other speakers, including a British leader of the ISYF. British federation members were convicted in 1986 of plotting to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.

Martin lost the Liberal leadership in 1990 to Chretien, his long-time rival. He later won his party's nod, becoming prime minister in December 2003. He stepped aside as leader after the Liberals' poor showing in the January 2006 federal election.

Bevilacqua did not return phone calls about his appearance at the 1990 ISYF convention, and the office of current Liberal leader Stephane Dion had the party's critic for public safety, Susan Barnes, return The Sun's call. Barnes refused to comment on The Sun's revelation.

The 1990 ISYF convention speeches are not the only ones made by Liberals over the years. Several Liberal MPs and Ontario MPPs attended the March 1988 Toronto-area ISYF convention to condemn Clark's statements about the group.

Members of the terrorist Babbar Khalsa also addressed the convention, including Ajaib Singh Bagri, who was later charged and acquitted in the Air India bombing.

At the ISYF's national convention in Vancouver in 1989, former B.C. Liberal leader Gordon Wilson, who later joined the NDP, spoke from the stage, as did Bagri.

A group of pro-Khalistan delegates to December's Liberal leadership convention were instrumental in the victory of Stephane Dion, delegate Tarek Fatah said in an interview.

Fatah watched as some of those delegates objected to references to the Air India inquiry made by leadership candidate Bob Rae.

And last week in Surrey, Liberal and NDP MLAs stood in front of a Khalistan sign at Surrey's Dasmesh Darbar temple as they were praised by worshippers for acknowledging the tenets of Sikhism in the legislature.

"It is not just the Liberal party," Fatah said. "[The politicians] go to temples and mosques and they have no clue what is being said."



Liberals furious over Harper's smear of MP


Outraged Liberal MPs drowned out Prime Minister Stephen Harper with chants of "shame!" on Wednesday as Harper  -- instead of answering a question on judicial independence -- tried to read from a newspaper article that links a Liberal MP's in-law to the Air India investigation. [Click headline for full story]



CSIS using Air India Tragedy to destroy fundamental tenets of law!


More info on "Toronto Terror Plot" indicates "Crown" nervous of fact that most activity directed by government "moles".

Government Moles in 'Terror' Bomb Plot Provided Bomb, Set up Training Camp - Sept 25/07

Bizarre allegations about Toronto 18, unorthodox decisions are raising questions about Crown's case

Ottawa's abrupt decision to cancel a preliminary inquiry into Canada's most spectacular post-9/11 terror allegations and instead move directly to trial raises new and troubling questions.

Everything about the case of the so-called Toronto 18 is shrouded in mystery. Evidence raised in court, either at bail hearings or the preliminary hearing, is covered by a publication ban. But this hasn't prevented the public from knowing allegations against 14 adults and four juveniles that are so bizarre as to be almost unbelievable.

The Crown claims that at one point the alleged Islamic terrorists were plotting to cut off Prime Minister Stephen Harper's head – but changed their minds because they weren't sure where Parliament Hill was. It also claims some of the 18 attended a Keystone Kops-style military training camp at Washago north of Toronto where, it seems, they spent most of their time complaining about the cold.

Shortly after charges were levelled, the Star reported the government case rested on two informants. One, whose name cannot be published, is said to have been paid $4 million by the government. He was apparently a central figure in an alleged plot to make a fertilizer bomb. A second informant, Mubin Shaikh, decided to go public. Now you can't shut him up. He's been interviewed by the Star, the National Post, the Los Angeles Times, the CBC and most recently the BBC. [full report]

Terror hearing halted - TheStar.com Sept 25/07
Crown's decision to go directly to trial a `disgrace' and `abuse of process,' shocked defence lawyers say

More shocking CSIS corruption uncovered!

Do we really want (need) to give these folks nearly 10 Billion to find a couple of "terrorists"? Click here to see the latest terrorism hysteria....


CSIS notes stolen, ex-spy says at Zundel deportation hearing.

Saturday, September 18, 2004 - Page A6

A former Canadian Security Intelligence Services agent's detailed notes
about his experiences at the spy agency were stolen soon after he went
public about his employer's shortcomings in 2000, the ex-agent testified

Testifying at the deportation hearing of Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel in
Toronto, former agent John Farrell said that both his computer and a
collection of hard-copy notes disappeared. He said the loss has left him
unable to answer many of the questions posed by Mr. Zundel's lawyers.

The material disappeared from a friend's home where he had left it for
safekeeping, Mr. Farrell said.

At the time, Mr. Farrell testified, he was working with former Globe and
Mail reporter Andrew Mitrovica to write articles about CSIS not having paid
him $72,000 in overtime pay, as well as about dubious practices at the

Mr. Farrell eventually collaborated with Mr. Mitrovica on a book -- Covert
Entry -- which details alleged underhandedness, incompetence and illegal
activity by CSIS.

Mr. Zundel's lawyers -- Peter Lindsay and Chi-Kun Shi -- have been trying to
erode the spy agency's credibility as a supplier of reliable information,
hoping it will rock the faith of Mr. Justice Pierre Blais of the Federal
Court in secret evidence the agency is using to justify deporting Mr. Zundel
as a national-security risk.

In contrast to his first day in the witness box, Mr. Farrell frequently said
yesterday that he could not recall what lay behind book excerpts.
"It's all escaped your memory?" Mr. Lindsay asked at one point.

"I did have nine years of detailed notes in a computer, but that computer
was stolen," Mr. Farrell replied. "I reported the computer because it had
money value. The notes, on the other hand, were the property of the

Much of the session was consumed by arguments over whether Mr. Lindsay's
questions were sufficiently connected to the Zundel case itself. Eventually,
Mr. Lindsay gave up altogether and ended his examination.

Judge Blais repeatedly disallowed questions aimed at discrediting CSIS and the Security Intelligence Review Committee in a general way, saying they did not probe directly into Mr. Zundel's treatment by the agency. He also refused to let the defence call Mr. Mitrovica as a witness.

"CSIS is not on trial here," Judge Blais said. "SIRC is not on trial,
either. I think this is a waste of time."



Read more on how CSIS mongrels planned the torture of Canadian citizen Maher Arar.

RCMP woes mounted in 2007 Richard Foot, CanWest News Service - December 31, 2007

Article on intelligence service's co-operation in freeing terrorist goes missing from source archive.

"Escaped terror suspect might have had help" Click on above headline for full scan.....


Canadian Security Intelligence Service
1999 Public Report

Want to see more examples of state sponsored and directed terrorism? Click here for video...



Canada: A Galloping Police State?

Marjaleena Repo | June 19 2006

After five years of what can only be described as intense “terrorism envy” by our security establishment —with their repeated predictions of terrorist acts in Canada — the country has moved up a notch, to terrorism frenzy. The discovery of an alleged conspiracy by 17 Muslim men to attack facilities in Toronto and kidnap parliamentarians (as well as beheading the prime minister) — ostensibly to get Canada to withdraw from Afghanistan— came just in time before parliament debates the renewal of our post-2001 anti-terrorism legislation, and when support for Canada’s all out military involvement in Afghanistan is softening by the day.

The June 2 arrests were done with massive police involvement. Snipers on rooftops, in full glare of the notified-in-advance media, guaranteed 24-hour TV coverage and screaming headlines, topped off by a full court press conference by the CSIS and the RCMP. A full-fledged national crisis was born, fueled by rumours and fear. Our whole national security was at stake, and Islam, and to a lesser degree, multiculturalism, was to blame, for enabling such individuals to function underneath our very noses. A new term, “home-grown terrorists,” was slammed into our vocabulary overnight.

While the frightening picture of religion-driven extremists was bombarding our senses, the lawyers of the accused complained that they could not find out what the evidence against their clients was, could not even talk to them without armed police presence. Two weeks after the arrest, the accused and their lawyers are still in the dark about what led to the extreme charges. The accused are kept in solitary confinement, forced to sleep with lights on and woken every half-an-hour during the night.

A media ban has been imposed, preventing the press and the lawyers from exposing the exact nature of the information or discussing the court proceedings. The initial horrific rumours are left standing, fueling more fears of all things Muslim (now interchangeable with “extremist”). Some of the Muslim community were also pulled into this vortex of hysteria, trying to do the impossible: disassociating themselves from “bad” Muslims and pledging to do “house cleaning,” to rid their mosques and communities of such individuals. For this they have received many pats on the back (and head) from the amen-corner in the media and security establishment.

Two weeks after the spectacular arrests, Canadians still know next to nothing of the doings and utterances of the 17: they were on chat lines (watched by the police), they played paint ball and did target practice in the woods (watched by their neighbours), they wore camouflage and military style boots, they had ordered a large amount of ammonium nitrate, a potential component of bombs, some of it delivered to their door by a police agent. We don’t know how many were involved in any of the above. Five pairs of boots were displayed for the cameras, six flashlights, one walkie-talkie set, one voltmeter, eight D-cell batteries, a cell phone, a circuit board, a computer hard drive, one barbecue grill, a set of barbecue tongs, a wooden door with 21 bullet marks and a 9 mm hand gun. That should do it —clear proof that they were up to no good!

But wait a minute, is this scenario not deja vu from August 2003, when 24 Muslim men were taken down in an similar early-dawn police action, apprehended for planned terrorist acts such as bombing the CN tower and nuclear facilities in Ontario, their names and faces plastered on the media, far and wide? Much mutual congratulation among the intelligence community, the police and security forces ensued. Project Thread, as it was called, however, turned soon into Project Threadbare: nothing was found on the men, no evidence, no plans, no conspiracy, no tools to accomplish their dastardly deeds, and no membership in an “Al Quada sleeper cell,” as was initially claimed. They were cleared but not before being incarcerated, some for months. In the end, a couple of the men were found guilty of minor immigration infractions and deported. Others left the country, disgraced, their lives in tatters, only to find their “terrorist“ reputations following them to Pakistan, where some ended up being interrogated and jailed before being released. They have received neither an apology nor a penny of compensation from Canada.

Is it possible that the CSIS and the RCMP have learned their lessons, that they have worked harder to make the charges stick this time? Having watched the 17 men and boys for several years, with no terrorist acts having occurred, they appear to have helped the suspects along by entrapping them, including delivering an order of ammonia nitrate to one of the suspects (although with contents substituted). Perhaps we will find out that the purchaser was reluctant but the agent was ardent in his determination to make the terrorist charges hold, at last.

With the defence of the current accused already thwarted, we can expect a show trial and a kangaroo court to justify the terrorism hysteria that is so aggressively being cultivated, day in and out, by authorities and much of the media. With several other Muslims being held for years on dubious “security certificates” — challenged now in the Supreme Court of Canada — we will likely see more Muslim men end up in the no-man’s-land of Canadian justice, without trial and due process. A galloping police state is emerging, in a fashion, familiar to those who know their history, of 1930’s Germany.

It is time for Canadians, living blindfolded and silenced in a fool’s paradise, to remember Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous warning to his fellow Germans, here freely paraphrased: “When they came for the Muslims/I remained silent/I was not a Muslim. //When they locked up the Aboriginals/defending their ancient lands/I remained silent/I was not an Aboriginal// When they came for the brown-skinned immigrants/ I did not speak up /I was not one of them// When they came for the critics, the dissidents, and the protesters/I did not speak out/I was not one of them// When they came for me/There was no one left to speak out.”




Related info of interest..

Robert Fisk: Do you know the truth about Lockerbie? Oct 13/2007

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked - August 28/2005 MARCELLO MEGA Scotsman
A FORMER Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.
The retired officer - of assistant chief constable rank or higher - has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people. [Full report]


Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with' - Sept 2/2007
Fragments of bomb timer that helped to convict a Libyan ex-agent were 'practically carbonised' before the trial, says bankrupt Swiss businessman



JFK Airport Plot Has All The Hallmarks Of Staged Terror June 4/07

In every single major terror sting we have researched in the west since 9/11, not one single plot has been absent the ingredient of a government provocateur, save the cases that were outright manufactured by imaginative government propagandists in alliance with the corporate media.

In this case, the provocateur was "An informant with a criminal history including drug trafficking and racketeering agreed to work with investigators on the case, in exchange for payments and a reduced sentence," according to the New York Times.


More Government Sponsored Terror Declassified June/07
British government documents reveal Israeli involvement in 1976 PFLP hijacking

"As revealed in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, the document, released by the National Archives, was addressed to the Foreign Office on 30 June 1976 and was written while the crisis was unfolding."


MI5 decided to stop watching two suicide bombers


MI5 'helped IRA buy bomb parts in US' - March 19/06


Nations trust in RCMP grows weaker by the day! <[internal link]



CSIS knew Arar would be tortured... fabricated evidence.

Learn how secret societies are destroying your rights and freedom.


Hey look at this.... the CIA must have the same "problem" with training police to actually collect evidence, rather than destroy it.


CIA admits destroying interrogation tapes - RadioNetherlands | December 7, 2007

The CIA has admitted destroying video recordings of the interrogation of terrorist suspects. The US intelligence agency said the tapes were destroyed to protect the identities of undercover CIA agents and because they were no longer relevant to the investigations.

The New York Times reported the destruction of the tapes on Thursday and said the recordings showed interrogation techniques being used which human rights organisations regard as torture. The CIA describes the interrogation techniques used as "lawful, safe and effective".  [full report]


RCMP failed to heed Air India threats: expert
Kim Bolan, CanWest News Service -  December 08, 2007

Canadian agencies dealing with airport security did not take the warnings to Air India seriously enough before the devastating bombing of June 23, 1985, the Air India inquiry heard yesterday.

University of Ottawa professor William Leiss, a risk analysis expert, said the telexes and memos before the bombing suggesting Air India would be targeted should have led to a more dramatic response.

In particular, a June 1, 1985, telex sent by Air India's office in Bombay to the Canadian Air India office "should have set off alarm bells," Leiss testified at the Ottawa inquiry.

The telex, revealed at the inquiry last May, said: "assessment of threat received from intelligence agencies reveal the likelihood of sabotage attempts being undertaken by Sikh extremists by placing time delay devices in the aircraft or registered baggage" of Air India flights.

Leiss said the RCMP and other Canadian agencies should have considered stopping all Air India flights leaving Canada until the threat had been properly assessed.

Instead, a B.C.-built bomb made its way onto Air India Flight 182 when it left Toronto, killing all 329 aboard. [full report]




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