5 Care Tips for Your Dental Implants After Placement

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  • October 13, 2018
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The inconvenience of not having all your natural teeth intact has become a bit overwhelming in the society. Plus, you do not feel as confident as you used to before you lost your precious teeth. However, there is now a great way you can reestablish your smile and full functions. And it is by using dental implants. These new dental blessings came at the perfect time and many people all around the world are using them. Plus, you may never even realize it as the look so much like the natural teeth. However, with all good things, comes responsibility. And your dentists will always urge you to practice care tips for your dental implants especially when they are still a few days, weeks, or even months after placement. Here is the short list of care tips you want to strictly follow.

1. Floss daily

There are many varieties of floss in the market today. So, you want to be careful which floss you buy and use on your dental implants. There are dental floss that are specially designed for dental implants Toronto. It is vital you floss your dental implants daily to avoid plaque from accumulating around the site of implants. Some patients also go for a floss threader or specialized floss that have built-in threaders designed for cleaning between and around fixed bridges.

2. Brush daily

Most dentists would even recommend that you brush twice a day to remove bacterial plaque. You also want to take care not to use very hard brushes on your dental implants. Instead, use soft nylon toothbrushes. You can either use the manual or electric toothbrushes. But only make sure that the bristles of the brushes are soft and pliable. You want to ensure that the surface of your implants and crowns are always clean especially after meals so bacteria or plaque have any chance of forming around your implants. As you brush, you want to pay attention to the crevices.

3. Avoid abrasive toothpaste

Your next obligation is to avoid all abrasive toothpaste that can trigger a higher sense of intense feelings like pain or irritation after brushing. If you thought an irritating natural tooth was bad, try using abrasive toothpaste and see how your dental implants react. So, you only want to stick to the sensitive tooth cleaning products that prevent any kind of discomfort on and around the dental implants.

4. Avoid taking many sticky or hard foods

The next tip should be obvious especially when you just had your dental implants. Eating hard or sticky foodstuffs can compromise the dental implant structure and this may add to your list of troubles like needing more dental implants. Hard foods can also end up breaking your dental implants or make them weaker. So, you want to avoid foods like hard candy, peanuts, dried fruits, and caramel.

5. Visit your dentist regularly for checkups

It is crucial that you make regular dental appointments to check how your dental implants are progressing. This is one sure way of ensuring your dental implants are doing what they are meant to do. You can also ask your dentist any questions regarding how to care for your dental implants.

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